The Ten Commandments Make Life . . . Livable

Christians sometimes wonder if the Old Testament law is intended for us. After all, Paul said were free from the law, and warned about subjecting ourselves again to slavery. Debates surrounding the law have raged, seemingly without resolution, for centuries. As is often the case, the proof is more in the pudding than in the... Read more

Our Father, Who Art on Sinai: The Ten Commandments Today

Our society seems muddled, bewildered, confused, caught in several turbulent crosscurrents that pull it to and fro. On the one hand, were expressive individualists who nod our heads when someone expresses distaste for rules and regulations; binary systems box us in and bind us, prohibiting us from fully embracing our own personal narrative. On the... Read more

The Ten Commandments of the God of Consumerism

The Ten Commandments of the God of Consumerism

[ad_1] I personal a small enterprise. I’m attempting to maintain God first in all areas of my life, however generally it looks as if the one goal of enterprise is to earn increasingly cash. However I would like greater than that. How can I take into consideration my work in a means that retains the... Read more