A Prayer for a Spouse Who Wont Communicate

Dear Lord,We feel defeated. Tired of striving for perfection, in ourselves and our marriages. Marriage is hard, help us remember the gift it can also be. The conflicts and communication problems are overwhelming.  May they be an invitation into a deeper connection, a thriving marriage.It is easy to put others on pedestals, especially our spouses.... Read more

Tips on how to Talk Successfully with Your Partner

[ad_1] Males and Ladies Talk In another way.Let’s face it; women and men talk in a different way. Some would even say we communicate completely different languages. By no means have I discovered this assertion to be extra correct till marriage.When males talk, they typically speak with the “give them the meat, throw away the... Read more

How you can Love One One other: Talk Your Wants and Expectations

[ad_1] In a earlier submit, I introduced that we'd start a brand new sequence on the best way to love each other. As followers of Jesus, everyone knows we're supposed to like each other, however what does that basically appear like in sensible phrases? This topic is of the utmost significance, as a result of... Read more