Compelling Reasons to Trust a 2,000-Year-Old Bible

Growing up in a conservative church in Oklahoma, I never doubted the Bibles trustworthiness until someone told me I should. It wasnt until that day when my confidence in the Scriptures was tested that I realized the significance of having assurance that the book on the dash of my car is Gods Word. Everything I... Read more

A Compelling Case For Less in an Age of More | RELEVANT Magazine

A Compelling Case For Much less in an Age of Extra | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] The folks at Apple are geniuses. The App Retailer was the begin to this storm of micro-transactions the place one little $.99 buy was actually not that massive of a deal. And in that not-that-big-a-deal method the creep of somewhat bit extra begins to swell right into a wave as that decimal... Read more