Lord’s Prayer can be said at funerals, council confirms

(Photo: Unsplash/Mayron Oliveira)A Welsh council has clarified Covid-19 rules after a celebrant was wrongly told that she could not lead mourners in saying the Lord's Prayer together at a funeral.  Alison Davies, 53, from Bridgend, was asked by the family of a deceased 94-year-old grandmother to end her funeral with the Lord's Prayer. But she... Read more

Research only confirms the reliability of the Bible

(Photo: Chuttersnap)The reliability of the Bible remains a disputed issue but it needn't be. Critical scholars like Bart Ehrman argue that we cannot trust the text of the New Testament because it was not well copied, and because the oldest extant manuscripts are too late. Their views are echoed by lay people without much knowledge... Read more

Senate Confirms 200th Trump Judge: President Has ‘Delivered on His Promise,’ Author Says

Senate Confirms 200th Trump Judge: President Has 'Delivered on His Promise,' Author Says The U.S. Senate confirmed the 200th federal court nominee of President Trump on Wednesday, continuing a fast pace that exceeds any Republican chief executive in modern history.The Senate confirmed Cory T. Wilson to the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals... Read more

The First 'Stranger Things 4' Teaser Confirms [Spoiler] Is [Spoiler] | RELEVANT Magazine

The First ‘Stranger Issues 4’ Teaser Confirms [Spoiler] Is [Spoiler] | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] The primary teaser for Stranger Issues 4 wastes no time in confirming a idea followers have been clinging to for the reason that credit rolled on season three. For those who’ve seen it, you most likely know what we’re speaking about. If not, possibly this teaser isn’t for you, because it doesn’t... Read more

Household Rep Confirms Truett McKeehan Was a Sufferer of the Opioid Disaster | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] A consultant for the McKeehan household has confirmed to Individuals that Truett Foster McKeehan, a rapper and the son of famed Christian artist TobyMac, died of an unintended overdose of fentanyl and amphetamines. He was simply 21 years outdated when he handed away on October 23. Since then TobyMac has written a... Read more

The Trailer For ‘The Elephant Queen’ Confirms Elephants Are Superior | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Elephants are superior. This requires no proof past a useful mind. Everybody is aware of elephants are superior. Little youngsters understand it. Outdated of us understand it. Poachers and massive sport hunters could not understand it, however they’re outliers. Elephants are leathery giants with rope noses. There may be nothing to not... Read more