The State, freedom of conscience and civil disobedience

(Photo: Unsplash/Ricardo Frantz)The state and the Church have a history in our country. The relationship status might read "it's complicated". It ranges from the conversion and Christianization of the state to the deepest antipathy of the State and its persecution of the Church. Even when Christian, the Church has had to challenge the state. Becket... Read more

Racial Justice and the Uneasy Conscience of American Christianity

Photo Credit: GettyImages/fizkesEditors Note: this article was originally published on russellmoore.com on April 10, 2018Last week I delivered this message as the opening keynote of the MLK50 Conference. In addition to the video, Ive also included a transcript of my remarks below.TranscriptGood afternoon. My name is Russell Moore, and Id like to call our attention... Read more

Judge Strikes Down Religious Conscience Rule for Abortions | RELEVANT Magazine

Decide Strikes Down Non secular Conscience Rule for Abortions | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] U.S. District Decide Paul A. Engelmayer of the Southern District of New York has formally dominated towards a Trump administration coverage that permits well being care professionals to refuse abortion procedures due to their private spiritual convictions. The conscience rule, as it's recognized, would additionally let well being suppliers refuse protection ofgender... Read more