4 Hard Conversations You Need to Have before You Say “I Do”

4. How will we handle extended family? When two people come together, they are bringing with them a lifetime of culture, traditions, and ways of life. For example, one person may come from a loud, large, and emotive family accustomed to high-energy dinners and vacations. Their partner might have been raised in a quiet, calm... Read more

The Afterword: Conversations on Books, Reading, and the Church – Tim Challies

This week the blog is sponsored by Westminster Bookstore and they are introducing a New Web Series and Podcast. We launched The Afterword because we dont want our ministry to the readers of the Church to end with the delivery of a book. To that end, we hope these digital discussions will foster a culture... Read more

Blind Woman Banned from City Park for ‘Conversations about Jesus’ Files Complaint

Blind Woman Banned from City Park for 'Conversations about Jesus' Files Complaint A blind Rhode Island woman filed a charge of religious discrimination with the state Commission for Human Rights Tuesday after a local park banned her from the premises for two years and threatened her with arrest for having conversations with patrons... Read more

How Should I Engage Unbelievers in Conversations About God?

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Taylor Turkington: Hey Rebecca, I am glad to have this conversation with you today. Rebecca McLaughlin: Me too. Taylor Turkington: We need to talk about how should you engage the unbelievers in your... Read more

The CaPC 25 for January 2020 | Caucuses, Kobe, and Conversations

The CaPC 25 for January 2020 | Caucuses, Kobe, and Conversations

[ad_1] The 25 is again for 2020 with a unique format (and probably a unique title?). Host Jonathan Clauson returns with visitors Kaitlyn Schiess and Tyler Burns. Beginning the present with a quick recap of January 2020 popular culture, we go deep on the demise of Kobe Bryant and the way that impacts the dialog... Read more

14 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Engaging in Tough Conversations | RELEVANT Magazine

14 Inquiries to Ask Your self Earlier than Participating in Robust Conversations | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Expressing one’s political beliefs on social media nowadays is like dropping bloody fish guts right into a shark tank. Its downright scary at instances. Thats why I usually sit out these exchanges. However Ive seen brothers and sisters in Christ trash one another too usually. I cringe each time I see some... Read more

eXXXamine – Real & Raw Conversations About Porn & Purity

eXXXamine – Actual & Uncooked Conversations About Porn & Purity

[ad_1] XXXchurch.com is worked up to announce our new podcast/interview collection titled, eXXXamine – Actual & Uncooked Conversations About Porn & Purity. On this collection, Brittni De La Mora interviews folks from all walks of life who've been immediately and not directly affected by porn. Youll hear from:Former porn addicts (each female and male)A former... Read more