At Least Six Teachers Have Died With Coronavirus So Far This Semester | RELEVANT

The Washington Post reports that at least six educators from places like Missouri, Mississippi, South Carolina, Iowa and Oklahoma have passed away since the start of the fall semester. It’s a stark reminder of the threat still looming over a country that has struggled to contain the COVID-19 pandemic even as many areas attempt to... Read more

US Senate Fails to Approve Coronavirus Relief Package

US Senate Fails to Approve Coronavirus Relief Package The US Senate failed to approve a coronavirus relief package on Thursday.Democrats in the Senate said the Republican-sponsored rescue package doesnt provide enough relief.The Senate voted 52 to 47 in Thursdays vote.All the present Democrats voted against, while conservative Rand Paul, R-Ky., cast the only GOP vote... Read more

Israel to Impose Curfews on Cities Where Coronavirus Cases Have Spiked

Israel to Impose Curfews on Cities Where Coronavirus Cases Have Spiked Israel is set to start imposing a curfew in some cities where coronavirus cases have continued to climb.According to CBN News, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu planned for the curfews to take effect Monday, but health officials and politicians delayed the curfews.The curfews will now... Read more

A Prayer for Hopeless Moments during the Coronavirus

Its easy for one to tell someone to stay encouraged and to not lose hope. But when your world is shaken with schedules disturbed, social life halted, plans interrupted, and fear around every corner, its hard to maintain hope. Especially when all we see in the news, in social media, in our circumstances, have hopelessness... Read more

UK Government must increase overseas aid spending to fight coronavirus – World Vision

Over half of UK adults support increased overseas aid spending to tackle coronavirusBritish people are largely supportive of the UK Government spending more on overseas aid to combat Covid-19 as fears abound of a second wave, a World Vision poll has found.  The survey found that three quarters of UK adults (77%) are concerned about... Read more

94% of COVID-19 deaths in USA had ‘other contributing health conditions’; Only 6% list Coronavirus alone

A file photo shows a nurse wearing personal protective equipment watching an ambulance driving away outside of Elmhurst Hospital during the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the Queens borough of New York, U.S.A.ReutersIt has been revealed that just 6 percent of deaths attributed to coronavirus in the United States list Covid-19 as the... Read more

10 Verses to Guide Your Prayers for This Coronavirus School Year

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.When I think about the state of the world my kids have to grow... Read more

The Coronavirus Cannot Keep Us from Singing

Singing unifies us. We open our mouths, herald Gods praises, and many voices join together as one. Yet, over the years, believers have had sharp debates about music and singing. Sometimes we have let our differing views threaten our harmony. The coronavirus pandemic has provided a new opportunity for Christians to disagree about singing. Some... Read more

Kamala Harris: Reproductive Injustice Has Helped Spread Coronavirus

Kamala Harris: Reproductive Injustice Has Helped Spread Coronavirus Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi each mentioned the partys defense of legalized abortion Wednesday during the third night of the all-virtual Democratic National Convention.Harris, who accepted her partys nomination for vice president, referenced abortion when discussing how the coronavirus pandemic... Read more

Sean Feucht Is Being Accused of Spreading Coronavirus Misinformation on Social Media | RELEVANT Magazine

Worship leader and former congressional candidate Sean Feucht was already under scrutiny for his open-air worship nights which are being held in defiance of COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. Videos of his events show few (if any) facemasks and social distancing, and Feucht tells Fox News that this is his way of standing up to state-mandated... Read more

Spike in coronavirus infections in Latin America slams Christian workers

Latin America (CAM) — Its not easy overseeing churches in Latin America, a new hot spot for the spread of COVID-19 that is crushing already troubled economies.Latin America surpassed Europe last week as the region with the highest COVID-19 death toll. Christian Aid Mission reports the director of a ministry based in Chile had already... Read more

Death of ‘Well-Loved’ Texas Pastor Shows Coronavirus Spread to Rural Areas

Death of 'Well-Loved' Texas Pastor Shows Coronavirus Spread to Rural Areas (RNS) A small United Methodist church in Texas is absolutely heartbroken after losing its pastor to COVID-19 as the pandemic spreads to rural areas of the country previously spared by the virus, according to its district superintendent.The Rev. Tom Wood, pastor of... Read more

Pastor John MacArthur says he’ll ‘obey God rather than men’ on coronavirus closures

John MacArthur(Photo: YouTube/Grace Community Church)Pastor John MacArthur has said he is prepared to be faithful to God instead of the authorities in California, which went into lockdown for a second time last month. MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church, in Sun Valley, has been threatened with fines and even arrest for resisting lockdown orders by... Read more

Will God Heal Me if I Get the Coronavirus?

Over the past several days, the World Health Organization officially designated COVID-19 (or the coronavirus) as a pandemic. Not only are many people understandably concerned about getting the virus, but more than that they wonder if they will recover from it. Or for Christians, many are wondering whether God will heal them or not if... Read more

Developing countries facing coronavirus ‘catastrophe’ – report

A Christian Aid worker hands a bag of essential items to a Rohingya refugee in the Cox's Bazar camp, Bangladesh.(Photo: Christian Aid)A new report by Christian Aid has warned of a global "catastrophe" as the economic, social and political impact of Covid-19 around the world continues to unfold.  The 'Building Back with Justice' report calls... Read more

Coronavirus ‘has hit church income hard’ – Stewardship

(Photo: Unsplash/Nick Fewings)Many churches have experienced a drop in income since the start of the pandemic, says Stewardship, which is encouraging them to consider online giving as a way to reverse the decline. While many churches have started to re-open for Sunday worship in the past few weeks, Stewardship said that the months of lockdown... Read more

John MacArthur says Grace Community Church will remain open despite coronavirus prohibitions

John MacArthur(Photo: Grace Community Church)Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in California has declared that his church would continue to hold in-person services with full congregations, in breach of restrictions in the state that ban in-person church services. Pastor MacArthur explained the Biblical basis for his decision in an announcement made on Friday, stating:... Read more

Bible Societies around the world at threat of closure over coronavirus

(Photo: Unsplash/MD Duran)The financial fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has left dozens of Bible Societies around the world at risk of closure.  The impact of lockdown across many countries has halted the sale of Bibles through the Societies, while also impeding vital fundraising work in local churches.  In some countries, like Jordan, Burkina Faso and... Read more

Virtual evensong to raise money for cathedral choirs feeling the strain from coronavirus

TV presenter Alexander Armstrong and news reader Katie Derham are lending their support to a virtual evensong to raise money for cathedral choirs struggling financially as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The virtual evensong has been made possible by 21 choral scholars from Church of England cathedrals across the south-west of England.  Armstrong and... Read more

Christians told to renounce Jesus or be refused coronavirus aid – ‘Let your God take care of your family’

A woman prays inside a church outside Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in this file photo.Reuters/fileChristians are being told to renounce their faith in Jesus or have their coronavirus aid support for their families taken away. Various reports are highlighting the persecution against Christians in countries across south-east Asia and Sudan. Open Doors International's Jan Vermeer has... Read more

Lean on God, Not The Odds: Coronavirus and Christ – TGC Africa

Coronavirus and Christ ‘Coronavirus and Christ’ is a book that was written by John Piper right towards the end of March 2020. That was at a point where the Coronavirus was spreading and spreading so much. And within a very short period, John Piper was able to write a book. It’s a book that has... Read more

As coronavirus makes youth work more challenging, churches must adapt

Churches were struggling to reach young people even before coronavirus. The key now is to adapt, says Youthwork's Dr Lucie Shuker(Photo: Youthscape)For some churches, this has been a disheartening time. After working so hard to introduce youth activities that bring joy, care and often vital support, social distancing has put paid to most, if not... Read more

CDC: If Everyone Wears a Mask, Coronavirus Would Be Under Control in a Month or Two | RELEVANT Magazine

Last week, a top Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official revealed the secret to getting the COVID-19 pandemic under control in the U.S.: masks. In fact, Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, told interviewers that he thinks the pandemic would probably wither away on its own if Americans would mask up. The... Read more

Is it really crazy to ignore ‘the science’ on coronavirus?

(Photo: Unsplash/Martin Sanchez)Well-known theologian Tom Wright has said it is "crazy" to ignore the science on coronavirus, calling it both "fascinating and worrying" that some Christians are reluctant to believe the scientific community's expert opinion on the disease.  What Dr Wright is failing to acknowledge is that the scientific community does not have one expert opinion... Read more

It’s ‘crazy’ to ignore the science on coronavirus, says NT Wright

NT Wright said it was more beneficial for Christians to ask what they could do than "why did this happen?".Theologian NT Wright has called it both "fascinating and worrying" that some Christians are reluctant to believe the scientific community's expert opinion on coronavirus. The University of St Andrews scholar said it was "just trivial" to... Read more

Oxford’s Coronavirus Vaccine Research Looks Promising and Would Be Sold at a Not-for-Profit Price | RELEVANT Magazine

In the race for a vaccine to set the COVID-19 pandemic on its heels, Oxford University is leading the way. Experts have been thrilled with the research being done there, and the Economist predicted that Oxford is “the likeliest candidate to produce the worlds first vaccine against COVID-19.” On Wednesday, early research shows just... Read more

Pastor Andy Stanley’s megachurch cancels in-person services until 2021 due to coronavirus

Megachurch Pastor Andy Stanley is seen in this file photo.North Point Community ChurchMegachurch Pastor Andy Stanley of North Point Community Church in Georgia has announced that live in-person services will be suspended for the rest of the year. Pastor Stanley explained that the decision had been made because the church could not guarantee the safety... Read more

Faith leaders urge Chancellor to cancel debt of developing countries as they battle coronavirus

Faith groups played a key role in Christian Aid's Ebola response in Sierra Leone, including by distributing food to quarantined homes in the capital Freetown.(Photo: Christian Aid/A D'Unienville)The former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Williams is among the faith leaders calling on the Chancellor to cancel the debts of developing countries battling the impact of coronavirus. ... Read more

Are Churches A Major Source of Coronavirus Cases? – Tim Challies

The New York Times recently ran a column headlined Churches Were Eager to Reopen. Now They Are a Major Source of Coronavirus Cases. The lede is alarming: The virus has infiltrated Sunday services, church meetings and youth camps. More than 650 cases have been linked to reopened religious facilities. Heres how the story begins: Weeks... Read more