Should Christians Go to Counseling?

3.    Trust that God gave good gifts to His children for the benefit of the body of Christ. This is my key argument about why it is ok for Christians to seek counseling. Our great creator who made us, formed us, saved us, is also the giver of extraordinary gifts. Gifts that edify and... Read more

Why Christian Family Counseling Is Important

Mom and Dad just found out their teenager has another in-school suspension. Mom thinks its Dads fault, Dad thinks its Moms fault. The blaming continues and the fracture in their family system has grown larger. The weight of their issues keeps piling up. They are overwhelmed. They take their kids to church every Sunday. They... Read more

3 Goals of Pastoral Counseling

Three Objectives of Pastoral Counseling

[ad_1] Keep on Observe Remembering these targets all through the method of pastoral counseling will stop you from going astray or missing route. To make use of a constructing metaphor, they're like the development drawings that present what must be achieved. There are three easy targets in providing pastoral counsel. 1. Tackle the presenting downside.... Read more