No, Nicaea Didnt Create the Canon

Ideas have consequences. One idea that has yielded dangerous consequences is the notion that the Council of Nicaea (AD 325), under the authority of Roman emperor Constantine, established the Christian biblical canon. Did the Bible originate from a few elite bishops selecting which books to include? Should we credit a Roman emperor with creating the... Read more

ESV.orgHow to Create Notes

This article is part of the ESV.org Tutorial series. Record Insights Digitally Did you know that you can take and save digital notes alongside passages of Scripture using the features on ESV.org? After creating a free account, simply navigate to a particular book or verse and use your cursor to highlight a section of Scripture.... Read more

5 Ways to Actually Create a Healing Space for Mental Health in the Church | RELEVANT Magazine

In 1990, The Clergy as a Resource for Those Encountering Psychological Distress found that a person under psychological distress will turn to their clergy before talking to a mental health professional.   And with 1 in 5 adults in the US experiencing mental illness each year, you better believe this exists... Read more

The best way to Create Calm within the Midst of Chaos – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] By Dondr Whitfield A males first energy is his physicality (i.e., warrior mode), however a Mans true energy is his vocabulary. His vocabulary is sort of a ring of keys for a locksmith. Every phrase holds the potential to unlock one thing in him or in another person. His phrases are like a protein... Read more

Prayer Doesnt Create Salvation. It Accompanies It.

[ad_1] Within the story of Jesus and the wealthy younger ruler in Mark 10:1723, a rich younger man runs as much as Jesus and says, Good instructor, what should I do to inherit everlasting life? And Jesus tells him that he should hold all of the Ten Commandments. The younger man says, All these I've... Read more

New app helps create world small teams – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Worldwide (MNN) There are greater than 6.9 billion Christians worldwide. What if believers might be part of collectively in fellowship exterior of their very own international locations and communities? Sammy Tippit Ministries is encouraging believers to just do that by combining small teams and expertise. As of 2011,The Pew Analysis Middle estimated 37 p.c... Read more