Help Them Imagine: The Need for Creativity in Evangelism

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Glen Scrivener: I am Glen Scrivener. I am married to Emma. We have a daughter Ruby and we live on the south coast of England. It’s called the sunshine coast. My Australian family... Read more

Creativity as Worship | Real Faith

In the beginning, God createdGenesis 1:1 Ever since I was little, I remember taking art classes, carrying a sketchbook around, and learning the names of all sorts of wild colors and patterns. When my dad recently sold the truck he used to drive me to school in, we found one of my old sketchbooks right... Read more

For King and Country On Creativity in a Pandemic and Learning to Weep With Those Who Weep | RELEVANT Magazine

Joel and Luke Smallbone had to cancel a tour this year. Most touring acts did, of course, given the state of the world. But not every act has taken to quarantine with the creativity and energy that the brother duo better known as For King and Country did. They promptly set about recruiting some... Read more

New youth resource to help young people explore creativity in coronavirus world

Youthscape has released a new resource to help young people explore their creativity from a theological perspective. After months in lockdown, 'Showcase' is in part a response to the new corona world that young people are now growing up in.The book contains 27 ideas for exploring young people's creativity within a faith context and can be... Read more