The Chinese Government Is Removing Church Crosses Because Christianity Does Not Belong in China | RELEVANT

For the last several months, the Chinese government has been removing crosses and religious symbols from state-approved churches in China. The move is an effort to slow down the growth of Christianity, particularly in regions where it is growing the fastest, reports Ye Jiajia for the religious persecution website Bitter Winter. This summer in the... Read more

‘Christianity Doesnt Belong in China’: Communist Officials Demand Churches Replace Crosses with Nation’s Five-Pointed Star

'Christianity Doesnt Belong in China': Communist Officials Demand Churches Replace Crosses with Nation's Five-Pointed Star Persecution of Christians in China by the Chinese Communist Party has continued to rage on, despite COVID-19 restrictions.Local officials have removed crosses from the rooftops of hundreds of churches, religious liberty magazine Bitter Winter reports.In August, Two Chinese Christian Councils... Read more

China Forcibly Removes 900 Church Crosses in a Single Province, Threatens Christians

China Forcibly Removes 900 Church Crosses in a Single Province, Threatens Christians Chinas government forcibly removed crosses from more than 900 churches in a single province the first half of this year, warning church members that opposition would lead to dire consequences, according to a new report.Bitter Winter, which monitors religious liberty violations within China,... Read more

Three Crosses: Two Reactions, One Response – TGC Africa

One Friday, mid-morning, over 2000 years ago, three men hang on three crosses atop Calvary hill. The one in the middle claimed to be the Son of God. In essence, he equated himself with God. Those either side of him were known criminals. The Bible tells us of a conversation. Put differently, in the Gospel... Read more

Hundreds of crosses removed from churches in China despite pandemic

Workers removed a cross from the top of a church in the Lu'an-administered Shu County in a video posted to YouTube on June 10, 2020, by Bitter Winter.(Photo: YouTube/Bitter Winter)Crosses were removed from over 250 state-sanctioned churches in China's Anhui province between January and April as the Communist Party's years-long crackdown on church crosses continues,... Read more

China Forcibly Removes Crosses from 250 Churches in a Single Province

China Forcibly Removes Crosses from 250 Churches in a Single Province Chinese officials forcibly removed the crosses from more than 250 churches in one region early this year even though the congregations are registered with the government and are legal, according to a new report.Religious liberty watchdog Bitter Winter says from January through... Read more

Cities, Crosses, and Lawsuits

[ad_1] Think about for a second a person strolling down a road carrying a cross necklace. He have to be a Christian, proper? Now think about this man shouting racist and sexist issues to passersby as he walks down that road carrying a cross necklace. Can we nonetheless suppose that he's a Christian? We could... Read more

4 Christians in Burkina Faso killed for sporting crosses

[ad_1] Burkina Faso (MNN) — Burkina Faso is rapidly going from a peaceable farming nation in West Africa to an extremist breeding floor. Assaults by Islamic State and al Qaeda militants in Burkina Faso have quadrupled since 2017. Over 70,000 individuals have fled their houses this 12 months. Just lately, gunmen in northern Burkina Faso... Read more