5 ways to conquer the cancel culture

FILE PHOTO - British writer JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books, poses during the launch of new online website Pottermore in London, England on June 23, 2011.REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett/File PhotoAs expected, the cancel culture is already out of control, now devouring itself. One day it's the statue of Teddy Roosevelt. The next... Read more

How Lava Lamps Made Sex Boring Again – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Wednesday in Fads!Crazes!Panics!,Luke T. Harringtonlooks at one of the random obsessions to have gripped the public mind in the recent past, and tries, in vain, to make sense of it all. You may know the lava lamp as the classic symbol of sex, drugs, and rebellion, but it started life in a surprisingly... Read more

Reconcilable Differences: Unity and Division via Pearl Jams Gigaton – Christ and Pop Culture

If I may, may I (if necessary) reintroduce you to Pearl Jam who just released their 11th record, Gigaton. You can take Pearl Jams pulse by the political climate and their prior record, 2013s Lightning Bolt, captured the band more or less at repose. The band had just passed the 20-year mark. Obama had won... Read more

Run the Jewels Ooh LA LA Video Imagines Parties Instead of Protests – Christ and Pop Culture

Imagine a world where money wasnt the basis for human value. But dont use a Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z imagination, envisioning a Ferrari or Jaguar switchin four lanes / With the top down screamin out money aint a thang! If youre having trouble visualizing a society devoid of wealth measured in dollar amounts, hip hop... Read more

How a Global Pandemic Exposes Our Desire for Authority – Christ and Pop Culture

In a recent episode of the podcast Hidden Brain, University of Maryland psychologist Michele Gelfand considers the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of culture. She explains that what we are seeing in the various national responses to COVID-19 aligns with her research of relative tightness or looseness in cultural norms. Countries known to have tight... Read more


01 Jul 4 OPTIONS WHEN THE CULTURE MOCKS AND OPPOSES YOUR FAITH: A Study in 1 Peter Posted at 03:00h in Daily Devotions by Mark Driscoll Like so many college students who are weary of being mocked by their professors for being Bible-believing Christians and getting their grades reduced, husbands who are mocked by their... Read more

Its Time to Kill Our Culture War Mentality | RELEVANT Magazine

This content is created in partnership withAmerican Awakening.Check out theAmerican Awakening Podcast. Now playing on the Relevant Podcast Network. In times of tremendous uncertainty, every headline seems to take on a bit of urgency especially if you are looking at our lives together in America as a war between cultures. Take for example two... Read more

I Am Not the One Who Can Forgive: The Quarry and the Hopefulness of Violent Grace – Christ and Pop Culture

I have found that violence is strangely capable of returning my characters to reality and preparing them to accept their moment of grace. Their heads are so hard that almost nothing else will work. Flannery OConnor In the latest film from director and screenwriter Scott Teems titled The Quarry, the audience gets a glimpse of... Read more

McCarthyism Was Driven by a Lot of Bluster, Paranoia, and Hearsay, Which for Legal Purposes Is a Fact Unrelated to the Present Political Moment – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Wednesday in Fads!Crazes!Panics!,Luke T. Harringtonlooks at one of the random obsessions to have gripped the public mind in the recent past, and tries, in vain, to make sense of it all. On February 9, 1950, a freshman senator from Wisconsin named Joseph McCarthy was giving a speech to Republican donors in West Virginia.... Read more

The Ickabog: A Fairy Tale and a Parable to Sear Our Consciences – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Tuesday inStoried,K. B. Hoyleexplores the ways our cultural narratives act on us individually and in society as a whole. There once was a kingdom divided into two very unequal parts. Cornucopia was its name, and it consisted mostly of regions brimming with resources like cheese, wine, meat, and pastries. All the people were... Read more

Trope Alert: The Real Virus Is Sin – Christ and Pop Culture

If your social media feeds have been anything like mine since early March, they have been crowded with posts such as the one below: The Facebook equivalent of a Chick tract, images like these could easily be dismissed as rhetorically clueless. (Who, among the posters presumably Christian connections, is the audience? How likely is somebody,... Read more

Time to cancel the cancel culture

(Photo: Unsplash/Jason Leung)It's hard to keep up. I jokingly remarked the other week, "What's next? Will they cancel Fawlty Towers?" They did. It's difficult to be a satirist when your whole society is turning into a Pythonesque joke except soon people won't know what 'Pythonesque' means because doubtless Monty Python will come under the Woke... Read more

As Trump fights for re-election, the culture war for ‘the soul of America’ intensifies

Donald Trump outside St John's Episcopal Church near the White House(Photo: C-Span)In 2016 Donald Trump attracted the support of 81 percent of US (mostly white) evangelicals. More recent polling has revealed that from May 2019 to March 2020, the number of weekly church-attending white Protestants convinced that Donald Trump was 'anointed by God to be president' grew... Read more

Believing What We Want: Conspiracy Theories and the Gospel – Christ and Pop Culture

I first saw Plandemic in the wilds of Facebook. The short trailer of the upcoming film is now increasingly difficult to find as most platforms have removed it and a Google search returns only popular response articles and videos. But a month or so ago, a few friends had shared the viral video clip, and... Read more

Seeing and Believing 252 | Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods and Judd Apatow’s The King of Staten Island – Christ and Pop Culture

Spike Lee’s latest film for Netflix has been causing a sensation, and this week Wade and Kevin check it out. Da 5 Bloods, a sprawling look at the legacy of the Vietnam War for black Americans, is Lee’s follow-up to his Oscar-winning BlacKkKlansman. The guys do a deep dive on Da 5 Bloods‘ themes and... Read more

The Surprising Blessing of Steak-umm Twitter – Christ and Pop Culture

Corporations have some strong pivot skills. One by one, they hopped on board the were-all-in-this-pandemic-together bandwagon. Youve seen the commercials Im sure. From CarMax to Burger King to Budweiserand even Charminadvertisers have adjusted their messaging to show how much they care about our unprecedented predicament and are oh so very eager to help in our... Read more

J K Rowling and the Deathly Hallows of the Culture Wars

"Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" play co-creators John Tiffany, JK Rowling and Jack ThorneYouTube/PottermoreThere is a lovely caf in Edinburgh called the Elephant House. It was a place I used to frequent in my student days for coffee, cake and writing. Another aspirant writer had the same idea. Her name was J K Rowling,... Read more

Humor and Humility in the Music of Father John Misty – Christ and Pop Culture

Alittle boy, sucking on a watermelon candy, tags along with his mother as she shops in JC Penneys. He begins to choke on the candy; his mother holds him close and screams for help. Hes long desired his mothers loving attention, and shes finally giving it. Over their heads the store radio plays Fleetwood MacTell... Read more

Why Tickle Me Elmo Is the Key to Understanding Our Current Political Chaos (Sort Of) – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Wednesday in Fads!Crazes!Panics!,Luke T. Harringtonlooks at one of the random obsessions to have gripped the public mind in the recent past, and tries, in vain, to make sense of it all. I still remember when I visited New York City my sophomore year of high school and kept thinking, Man, this place looks... Read more

Dont Wait to Engage with Black Stories – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Tuesday inStoried,K. B. Hoyleexplores the ways our cultural narratives act on us individually and in society as a whole. I have for many years now considered myself woke while simultaneously avoiding the stories, artwork, and history of the Black community in America. Beyond the slavery narrative I learned in school and a handful... Read more

The Power and Necessity of African American Literature – Christ and Pop Culture

When my white friends ask me what to read about racial injustice in America, I always include novels. Of course, theological and historical works are critical. But good literature has an almost unmatched power to spark empathetic and imaginative possibilities in our mind and hearts. Good literature invites us, through our imagination, to incarnate in... Read more

Understanding & Lamenting Racial Injustice: CAPC Staff Recommendations – Christ and Pop Culture

Our aim at Christ and Pop Culture is to highlight what is good and true and beautiful in pop culture, and point people toward ultimate goodness and wholeness found in Jesus Christ. We do this because so much of whats happening in the world is evil, false, and ugly, so we need to engage with... Read more

Athletes Arent Activists, but Who Else Will Lead? – Christ and Pop Culture

African American athletes have long tried to use their platforms to unite and draw attention to the effects of inequity. During the 1960s they were led by, stood by, and spoke out with civil rights activists about matters regarding human rights. When the United States government and white supremacists assassinated many of these leaders, though... Read more

Talking Sin to a Culture That Doesnt Believe in It

A psychiatrist friend once described to me the typical problems that drove people to seek her help. Then she stopped and said, with a note of skepticism: Ah, but youre a Christian, so you think the problem is that were all sinners. I asked how she thought the Bible defined sin, and with a wry... Read more

Hippocampus Press, Small Publishers, and the Full Library – Christ and Pop Culture

Anyone perusing my publication history (academic or Christ and Pop Culture) will likely note my love for weird fiction, that sub-genre that occupies the liminal spaces between horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Tracing its first flourishings back to certain Gothic strands and especially to Edgar Allan Poe, weird fictions greatest exponent and devotee in the... Read more

Middleditch & Schwartz Prove That Life Is Improv – Christ and Pop Culture

John Lennon canonized the axiom Life is what happens while youre busy making other plans. At the risk of quibbling with the Walrus, this might be the one time a Lennon lyric is too conservative, too conventional. Under the weight of scrutiny and experience, Life is what happens while youre busy making other plans proves... Read more

Carrot Bacon and the Art of Persuasion – Christ and Pop Culture

What you seecarrots? Or do you see bacon? This is the question Tabitha Brown poses at the beginning of her video in which she instructs her followers in alchemy, or turning carrots into bacon. It seems like a nonsense question. Do you see a pencil or a zebra? Clothespins or the moon? A concrete truck... Read more

Something New under the Sun: Hyper-Reality and Pornography – Christ and Pop Culture

In a 2018 piece in New York Magazine, Max Read inquired, How much of the internet is fake? He asked this not so much about factual content or so-called fake news, but rather because studies generally suggest that, year after year, less than 60 percent of web traffic is human; some years, according to some... Read more

19 Pieces of Goodness in 2019 Pop Culture

One paradox of the internet age is that popular culture is easier than ever to access but harder than ever to find. We gained convenience but lost clarifying consensus on what might be worth our time. Streaming sites have made access to music, movies, and TV incredibly easy, but they have also bombarded us with... Read more

TGC Q&A: How Should Christians Respond to a Culture of Outrage?

Jen Pollock Michel: Jackie, how should Christians respond to the culture of outrage today? Jackie Hill Perry: I think one, there has to be the expectation of it. There was outrage in Jesus’ day. They couldn’t believe that he was saying the things that he was saying, drink his blood, eat his flesh. What are... Read more