Seeing and Believing 258 | Dave Franco’s The Rental and Nicholas Ray’s In a Lonely Place

This week, Seeing & Believing kicks off a new series on film noir! Our “Summer of Darkness” begins in a slightly unconventional place with the Humphrey Bogart-starring In a Lonely Place, about a hotheaded screenwriter whose romance with a neighbor hits a rough patch when the police accuse him of murder. The thing is, maybe... Read more

Dave Franco Will Stop, Collaborate and Star in a New Vanilla Ice Biopic | RELEVANT Magazine

Stop, collaborate and listen to this Hollywood news. 30 years after “Ice Ice Baby,” Vanilla Ice is still in the news and now, his story is headed to the big screen. Dave Franco will be starring as Rob Van Winkle, the Texas breakdancer who would go on to achieve a rare sort of notoriety... Read more

Amid Protests and Pandemic, Dave Dummitt Steps in as Senior Pastor of Willow Creek

Amid Protests and Pandemic, Dave Dummitt Steps in as Senior Pastor of Willow Creek CHICAGO (RNS) Dave Dummitt said no to Willow Creek Community Church twice.When the Chicago-area megachurch first reached out to him about stepping into the role of the senior pastor, Dummitt worried it was not an environment that I felt... Read more

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Tips on how to Elevate Boys Who Respect Ladies: An Interview with Dave Willis – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] How can dad and mom biblically and virtually elevate a era of sons who're champions, encouragers, and respecters of ladies? What are the rules dad and mom want to show their sons so they'll change into males who break the sample of pondering and appearing that result in the #metoo and #churchtoo atrocities? Bible... Read more