The Vow: Stories of Truth and Deception – Christ and Pop Culture

Every other Tuesday inStoried,K. B. Hoyleexplores the ways our cultural narratives act on us individually and in society as a whole. Im positive Allison Mack did not set out to be a sex trafficker. The perky Smallville actress with her blonde pixie cut and infectious smile was already an established child actress with a passion... Read more

Watch out for Deception | Devotional by Darren Hewer

[ad_1] You're affordable individuals. Determine for yourselves if what I'm saying is true. 1 Corinthians 10:15 Opening your e-mail inbox, you discover a brand new e-mail: From Chief Oyinbolowo Eko with the topic REQUEST FOR AN URGENT BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP. Unusual, you suppose to your self, knowingly rolling your eyes, I dont know a Chief Oyinbolowo... Read more