How a Global Pandemic Exposes Our Desire for Authority – Christ and Pop Culture

In a recent episode of the podcast Hidden Brain, University of Maryland psychologist Michele Gelfand considers the coronavirus pandemic from the perspective of culture. She explains that what we are seeing in the various national responses to COVID-19 aligns with her research of relative tightness or looseness in cultural norms. Countries known to have tight... Read more

When God Says “I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice”

I cant even imagine the uproar this would have caused among the people! They would have been floored by such a proclamation. The religious elite would have been outraged. This statement went against so much of what their culture deemed acceptable.But why was this so revolutionary? What did Jesus even mean when he said, I... Read more

A Prayer for Battling a Destructive Desire - Tim Challies

A Prayer for Battling a Harmful Want – Tim Challies

[ad_1] At instances every of us is confronted with damaging desiresthe form of wishes that, have been we to behave on them, would essentially hurt ourselves or others, and essentially distance ourselves from the God we love. In Douglas Kaine McKelvey’s quirky guide Each Second Holy, I discovered a prayer that expresses the sorrow of... Read more

When You Dont Desire Gods Word

When You Dont Need Gods Phrase

[ad_1] After I was younger, my mom made my brother and me drink prune juice (for apparent causes). I dreaded strolling into the kitchen and seeing that cup filled with thick, purple poison awaiting me. I held my nostril and reluctantly drank, since I knew it was good for me. But it surely didn't style... Read more