Dinner is Served! – NIV Devotions for Mom – Week of November 19

Dinner Is Served!Verse: 2 Samuel 9:1-9Additional Scripture Readings:Psalms 23:5-6Ephesians 2:4-8Once David was crowned king, he faced the decision of what to do about a longtime family feud between his house and the house of Saul. Although it was legally acceptable to avenge himself by killing all living relations of Saul, David chose to respond in... Read more

60 Interesting Conversation Starters for Thanksgiving Perfect For Around the Dinner Table

It doesn't matter if you're sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner with complete strangers or close family - making good conversation at Thanksgiving can be hard. If you're feeling apprehensive heading into the holidays, here is a list of 60 conversation starters to use this Thanksgiving. Lets be honest. The holidays squeeze us of patience, energy,... Read more

How to Survive a Holiday Dinner With People You Don’t Agree With | RELEVANT

A few years back, Saturday Night Live aired a sketch that became an instant classic. In it, a family has come together for a traditional, Rockwellian meal. But within a few minutes, pleasantries and requests to pass the yams turn into heated arguments about refugees, police violence and who everyone is voting for. The only... Read more

How one can Survive a Vacation Dinner With Individuals You Do not Agree With | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Just a few years again, Saturday Night time Dwell aired a sketch that turned an prompt traditional. Within the sketch, a household has come collectively for a conventional, Rockwellian meal. Nevertheless, inside a couple of minutes, pleasantries and requests to move the yams flip into heated arguments about refugees, police violence and... Read more