How to Apply Literary Sensibility to Christian Doctrine

From Literature to Theology If you pull a book of systematic theology off the shelf and thumb through it, youll quickly see it looks a lot different than the Bible. It tends to be more technical, more precise in its definitions. So how do we get from the Biblewhich has all of these stories, poems,... Read more

Recovering the Forgotten Doctrine of Christs Ascension

The ascension is often overlooked in Christ’s life. It might be because of the oft-placed emphasis on the cross and resurrection. Debates have typically centered on what Christs death accomplished and whether the resurrection is historically verifiable. Meanwhile, the ascension sits at the end of the couch completely ignored. Maybe people dont want to draw... Read more

20 Quotes on How (and When) to Fight Over Doctrine

The following quotes caught my attention as I read Gavin Ortlund’s new book, Finding the Right Hills to Die On: The Case for Theological Triage(TGC/Crossway, 2020). Sometimes we flatten out all doctrineeither because we want to fight about everything or because we want to fight about nothing. More commonly, we have some kind of functional... Read more

An Open Letter to Those Who Divide over Doctrine

An Open Letter to These Who Divide over Doctrine

[ad_1] This text is a part of the Open Letters sequence. Pricey Church, We reside in polarized occasions. Outrage and rancor appear to be simmering throughout us, and its making it tougher to speak throughout ideological traces. Because the church, we've a chance to supply an alternate voice of gentleness and sanity on this cultural... Read more

The Doctrine That Has Sustained Me

The Doctrine That Has Sustained Me

[ad_1] As a mom of 5 younger youngsters, it’s common for full strangers to ask about my household. The query I hear most frequently on the grocery retailer or the playground is, Are all of them yours? Probably the most awkward I hear is, Do you not imagine in contraception? However essentially the most stunning... Read more

The Satanic Doctrine of a Wrathless Cross

The Satanic Doctrine of a Wrathless Cross

[ad_1] Sooner or later as I perused a bookstores faith part, throughout the literary mlange of orthodoxy, heresy, and inspirational moralism, one title caught my eye. Lies We Consider About God by William Paul Younger, creator of the mega-bestselling novel The Shack, seemed quick and pithy, and it addressed an actual want on the earth:... Read more

What Happens when Doctrine Suffers from Historical Amnesia

What Occurs when Doctrine Suffers from Historic Amnesia

[ad_1] Unfamiliar Doctrines Numerous occasions, evangelicals neglect the doctrine of God as a result of we are inclined to concentrate on the issues the place weve needed to battle battles. Typically the doctrine of God is simply assumed and we havent needed to battle about itso it will get uncared for. On account of that,... Read more

Modern Medieval Protestants: Why We (Still) Need the Doctrine of Justification

Fashionable Medieval Protestants: Why We (Nonetheless) Want the Doctrine of Justification

[ad_1] Within the Center Ages, for practically half a century, the church was cut up into two or three teams that excommunicated each other, so that each Roman Catholic lived underneath excommunication by one pope or one other. Nobody may say with certainty which contender was proper. The church now not provided certainty of salvation;... Read more