What Should a Pastor Do When He Doesnt Know What to Say?

It happens to all of us. Maybe its in a moment of community tragedy, or when a long-time church member confesses a shocking sin. Perhaps your child reveals a secret struggle, or a dear friend shares news of a diagnosis. The information hits your brain, but youre not quite sure what to do with it.... Read more

‘Christianity Doesnt Belong in China’: Communist Officials Demand Churches Replace Crosses with Nation’s Five-Pointed Star

'Christianity Doesnt Belong in China': Communist Officials Demand Churches Replace Crosses with Nation's Five-Pointed Star Persecution of Christians in China by the Chinese Communist Party has continued to rage on, despite COVID-19 restrictions.Local officials have removed crosses from the rooftops of hundreds of churches, religious liberty magazine Bitter Winter reports.In August, Two Chinese Christian Councils... Read more

Trust God’s Plan Even When Life Doesn’t Make Sense | RELEVANT

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Yes, everyone loves Jeremiah 29:11. But lets not forget that this favorite verse has a context and consequences. Theres so much more to unpack. Before we... Read more

Compromise on hate crime doesn’t go far enough to protect free speech, say campaigners

(Photo: Unsplash/Kirsten Drew)The Scottish Government has agreed to amend controversial hate crime legislation after facing a backlash from comedians, lawyers, the police and Christians over its potential harm to free speech.  Scottish justice secretary Humza Yousaf told the Scottish Parliament on Thursday that amendments would be made to the bill to remove the term "likely"... Read more

One Reason God Doesnt Give You the Full Picture | by Jon Walker

Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We believe and know that you are the Holy One of God. John 6:68-69 (NIV) Even if we dont understand Gods plan, we need to respond to his direction. In fact, when we dont understand Gods plan that... Read more

Unity Doesn’t Mean Conformity | RELEVANT

In theory, we all desire unity in the Church. We talk about reconciling our differences and joining forces. But often, we actually mean that other Christians need to appreciate (and probably adopt) our gifts, passions and expressions of faith. Were convinced that our convictions are correct, and we pick apart those who may care about... Read more

Telling People They’re Wrong Doesn’t Help Them Change | RELEVANT

A friend of mine recently came to me with a problem. Since I spent many years as a pastor, many of my friends still come to me with their problems about faith, ethics, the Bible, or relationships. And Im grateful to play that role for many of my friends. His problem is that his daughter... Read more

Jesus Isn’t on the Ballot. That Doesn’t Mean Christians Can Opt Out.

It started in 2004 as a little Bible study looking at the political implications of Jesus teaching and the social dimensions of the gospel. Four years later, during the 2008 presidential election, I published a book with Chris Haw called Jesus for President and took the movement out on a national tour, traveling through nearly... Read more

Love Doesnt Generalize | RELEVANT Magazine

My wife, Bec, and I live in the heart of Sioux Falls—the Cathedral District. If you ever fly into town, you’ll see a big old Catholic church on the hill. We’re just a few blocks away. At one point, this neighborhood was the center of town. Businesspeople, politicians, and doctors all lived there. But as... Read more

Tim Keller Makes the Case That Caring About Social Justice Doesn’t Make You a Marxist | RELEVANT Magazine

On Twitter, pastor, author and theologian Tim Keller engaged in a debate with reformed podcaster Jon Harris about social justice and its place in the modern evangelical framework. It was a debate Keller won, and it not only provides a great look a theology of justice but also a gracious, humble style of engaging in... Read more

Choosing online church doesn’t mean we don’t have faith

(Photo: Unsplash/Rachel Coyne)Where I live, we have a great word: 'Mardy.' The Oxford English Dictionary says it means "in a petulant bad mood; sulky or grumpy". Those of us that use the word know the gist is correct, but it's much more than that, including a mild toddler-like tantrum. There does seem to be a... Read more

Maybe God doesnt want us to go back to normal

USA (MNN) — As the COVID-19 pandemic plods on, people are anxiously looking forward to when we can go back to normal — back to our church programs and grocery shopping and regular schooling and everyday jobs. But does God really want us to go back to normal? Ron Hutchcraft with Ron Hutchcraft Ministries says,... Read more

The Answers Christianity Has That Science Doesnt

Humans have a unique capacity for wondering about meaning, purpose, and value. No other being on earth, or as far as we know in the entire cosmos, shares our reflective nature. In Born to Wonder:Exploring Our Deepest QuestionsWhy Are We Here and Why Does It Matter?, Alister McGrath sets out to explore the significance of... Read more

What Happens When Gods Timing Doesnt Make Sense? | RELEVANT Magazine

Taylor is a 33-year-old working on her masters in nutrition. Shes fielding several promising job opportunities, but shes starting to get anxious about marriage. Its been several years since her last serious relationship, and most of her close friends have been married for a few years now. Shes excited about the future, but shes... Read more

Leadership Savvy Doesnt Make a Pastor

I never liked the title “pastor.” My plan was to practice law and pursue politics. I was fascinated with leadership, and all those career tests told me I had a knack for it. But unexpectedly, at a youth summer camp my junior year of high school, I felt a distinct call to become a pastor.... Read more

Christian Leaders Disagree with MacArthur’s Church: Bible Doesn’t Require ‘Civil Disobedience’ in Pandemic

Christian Leaders Disagree with MacArthur's Church: Bible Doesn't Require 'Civil Disobedience' in Pandemic Two leaders at a well-known Christian ministry say they respect John MacArthurs church for defying an order from the state of California but believe other churches can reach a different conclusion and still be obedient to Christ and Scripture.Mark Dever,... Read more

Why Losing a Loved One Doesnt Feel Real

I was awakened Sunday by a telephone call from a friend telling me news I never expected to hear: that my friend and former student had been killed, run over by an 18-wheeler while helping stranded motorists beside a highway. Before grief hit incredulity. I kept saying What? And in the hours since, I cry... Read more

4 Reasons Why God Doesn’t Always Answer Prayers for Healing

4. His Ways Are Not Our Ways For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9)Is it difficult to trust that God knows best? How many... Read more

Trump Says He Supports ‘Peaceful Protests for Racial Justice’ and Doesn’t Back Confederate Statues

Trump Says He Supports 'Peaceful Protests for Racial Justice' and Doesn't Back Confederate Statues President Trump says in a new interview with the Washington Post that hes not defending confederate memorials and that he supports peaceful protests for racial injustice.He also rejected the charge hes promoting hate: The real hate is the hate... Read more

God Doesn’t Play Red Light Green Light – Encouragement for Today – July 9, 2020

July 9, 2020God Doesnt Play Red Light, Green Light BOB GOFF Lee en espaolCount it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. If any... Read more

The Church Doesnt Need Online Watchmen

Christians on the internet can sometimes be like the fake Batmans in Christopher Nolans The Dark Knightcopycat caped crusaders wearing hockey pads and DIY cowls. Our personalities online can often mimic a kind of second life as vigilantes: Self-appointed citizens who undertake the role of law enforcement in their community without legal authority, typically because... Read more

Will God Tell Me if He Doesnt Want Me Dating Someone?

Have you ever wished you could open the Bible and see a direct answer to your dating questions? Does God want me to date this person? The Bible is living and active, and completely sufficient for everything we need to live our lives as followers of Christ. However, some answers dont come first without a... Read more

I Just Believe the Bible Doesnt Make You Orthodox

Witch trials in Salem. The Council of Toulouse in the 13th century, employing men whose sole purpose was to hunt out human kindling for the Inquisition’s flames. The word “heresy” evokes such images. And while these and other events in Christian history remind us of the dangers of heresy-hunting, few Christians today realize the debt... Read more

When the Storm Doesn’t Stop | Devotional by Max Lucado

Jeremiah was depressed, as gloomy as a giraffe with a neck ache. Jerusalem was under siege, his nation under duress. His world collapsed like a sand castle in a typhoon. He faulted God for his horrible emotional distress. He also blamed God for his physical ailments. “[God] has made my flesh and my skin waste... Read more

Talking Sin to a Culture That Doesnt Believe in It

A psychiatrist friend once described to me the typical problems that drove people to seek her help. Then she stopped and said, with a note of skepticism: Ah, but youre a Christian, so you think the problem is that were all sinners. I asked how she thought the Bible defined sin, and with a wry... Read more

Her Success Doesnt Threaten Mine – Encouragement for Today – May 21, 2020

May 21, 2020Her Success Doesnt Threaten MineLYSA TERKEURST Lee en espaolThese were his instructions to them: The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields. Luke 10:2 (NLT) Have you ever wondered if theres any... Read more

6 Questions to Ask your Aging Parent Who Doesnt Know God

My father passed away recently. Unfortunately, we were estranged most of my adult life, which made our last days together even sadder. With God's grace, our relationship mended before he passed, but his departure was bittersweet. We were talking but we both knew the time was short. There was so much to say, and there... Read more

Why God Doesnt Really feel Actual Throughout COVID-19 | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Whether or not you’re wholesome or sick, overstocked on bathroom paper or operating low, nonetheless working from dwelling or not working in any respect; God may not really feel all that current in these circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic is uncharted territory for the whole world. It looks as if there may be... Read more