Where Is God When Your Dog Dies?

Wolf, our white German shepherd, was diagnosed with a tumor two months ago. Although he’s only nine years old, he moves with more and more difficulty. Weve watched the growing pain in his eyes, the slowing of his once-tireless gait. Its a malignant tumor in the spleen and liver. As it increases in size, it... Read more

A Boy Who Saved His Sister From an Attacking Dog Will Get a Real Captain America Shield From Chris Evans | RELEVANT Magazine

Bridger Walker has been in the news a lot lately. The 6-year-old boy has made global headlines for the courage he showed and the injuries he sustained defending his 4-year-old sister from an attacking dog. It took two hours of surgery and 90 stitches, but Bridger is on the mend. His family told reporters... Read more

Canine Man, Poop Jokes, and the Energy of an Sincere Story – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] There's a place the place the reply to each knock-knock joke is poop. The place farts are at all times hysterical. The place vomit can actually be a superheros best energy. And the place the strains between good and evil, disgusting and humorous, and absurd and significant are mingled and blurred. It's a place... Read more

New Science Suggests That, Sure, Your Canine Loves You | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] For a very long time, scientists have been skeptical about attributing an emotion as difficult as like to any animals. As an alternative, they stated, pets perceive that their house owners shield and feed them, and deal with us accordingly. It'd look like love, nevertheless it’s actually simply sensible survival instincts. However... Read more