Dramatic increase in UK slavery survivors being supported by The Salvation Army

Car washes are one area where modern slavery thrives.PixabayRecord numbers of UK nationals have been helped by The Salvation Army after escaping from modern formsof slavery.  New figures show a 79% increase in British slavery survivors being helped by the Church's specialist support services, despite a fall in referrals during lockdown.  Of the 243 Britons helped... Read more

The ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Is Apparently Getting a Serious, Dramatic Reboot | RELEVANT Magazine

Last year, the Internet flipped out over this gritty, fan-made trailer for a hypothetical reboot ofThe Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Amateur filmmaker Morgan Cooper recruited some friends for a surprisingly savvy spin on the sitcom’s premise, stripping Will’s relocation of its goofy hijinks to ground it in a more serious, dramatic context. It works... Read more