Harry Reeder on Teaching Ecclesiastes

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Harry Reeder: There’s three themes that you’ve gotta translate from Ecclesiastes and vanity into the Christian life, informed by the vitality of Christ. And that number one is this, you’re going to get... Read more

4 Things the End of Ecclesiastes Should Teach Us

Words do things. I vividly remember the changing facial expressions among some of the congregants as I preached through Ecclesiastes. It happens all the time as we interact with one another. The words we speak can make someone weep, blush, rage, or roar with laughter. Words birth emotions. Words change things, too. With two little... Read more

Ecclesiastes Is an Unlikely Source of Pandemic Season Wisdom | RELEVANT Magazine

Ecclesiastes Is an Unlikely Supply of Pandemic Season Knowledge | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] For months I had been planning a brief sermon collection on one in all my all-time favourite books of the BibleEcclesiastes. However then COVID-19 hit, the church constructing closed and I discovered myself preaching to a video digital camera, questioning why I used to be speaking in regards to the meaninglessness of... Read more