Policing Was Never Intended for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement has not failed. It is doing exactly what it was designed to doconfine, control and, if necessary, kill Black bodies. U.S. policing does not date back to the founding of our republic, our Constitution or independence from Britain. Its roots were planted in 1704 in South Carolina, when plantation owners responded to slave... Read more

‘We Love Law Enforcement’: Church Gifts $1,000 to Every Police Officer in Its Town

'We Love Law Enforcement': Church Gifts $1,000 to Every Police Officer in Its Town A small-town church in Tennessee is receiving nationwide attention after honoring its local police department in a public ceremony with a gift of $1,000 for each officer. The congregation, Lighthouse Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Tenn., wanted to encourage the... Read more

A Christian Conversation About Law Enforcement

Tensions are running high in the country and in the church. Sadly, instead of talking to one another, many have taken to social media to talk about one another. Christians have said some incredibly insensitive things, hurting African American brothers and sisters and also hurting brothers and sisters in law enforcement. We must remember that... Read more