How to Engage with the Atheistic Worldview #AfricanApologetics

This is a second article in a two-part series considering the rise of atheism in Africa. The first articlelooked at the history of atheism, tracing it to the Western Enlightenment. Thinkers such as Freud, Nietzsche and Feuerbach championed the place of human reason above revealed truth. The article also considered the recent rise of the... Read more

How Should I Engage Unbelievers in Conversations About God?

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Taylor Turkington: Hey Rebecca, I am glad to have this conversation with you today. Rebecca McLaughlin: Me too. Taylor Turkington: We need to talk about how should you engage the unbelievers in your... Read more

IMM creates media to help Christians engage with the new normal – Mission Network News

International (MNN) As the world looks for a new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Denise Godwin of International Media Ministries says the Church has an opportunity to play a vital role moving forward, especially with the media tools available today. It’s critical [for] the Church to share [its] message but also to pull people in... Read more

Deaf Christians in Africa learning to engage Scripture

Deaf Christians in Africa studying to interact Scripture

[ad_1] Africa (MNN) — Deaf folks in Africa dont usually get the eye and assist they want. In some contexts, a Deaf baby is even seen as a curse on the household and hidden away. Nonetheless, there are extra Deaf folks in Africa than you might understand. In Nigeria alone, the 1.eight million-strong Deaf inhabitants... Read more