Ordained Pastor Cori Bush Won Her Primary in an Enormous Upset | RELEVANT Magazine

If you watched Netflix’sKnock Down the Housedocumentary that followed a group of women running for office, you met Cori Bush a single mom, nurse and ordained minister who rose to prominence as a leader in the protests in Ferguson that followed the police killing of Mike Brown. Her 2018 bid to oust longtime Representative... Read more

Deaths and Thousands of Injuries Have Been Reported Following an Enormous Blast in Lebanon | RELEVANT Magazine

A giant explosion in a Beirut port area has left hundreds dead and wounded. Video showed a fire raging around several buildings that reportedly contained explosive materials before a blast heard 150 miles away erupted, sending shockwaves through the area and putting a city already struggling with a coronavirus surge into dire straits. Multiple... Read more

Why Does This Huge Child Jesus Statue Look Simply Like Phil Collins? | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Unusual happenings are afoot in Mexico, the place Father Humberto Rodriguez has by chance commissioned what might be the largest statue of Child Jesus in the entire world. The 22-foot lengthy two-ton monstrosity was commissioned for Rodriguez’s church La Epifana del Seor, however the completed product shocked him. He instructed reporters that... Read more