Alyssa Milano, Group of Pastors Argue White Evangelicals Contribute to Systemic Racism

Alyssa Milano, Group of Pastors Argue White Evangelicals Contribute to Systemic Racism Actress Alyssa Milano and several other guests, via virtual conference, recently joined Bishop Talbert Swans program The Bishop's Barbecue to talk, in part, about White Evangelicals contribution to systemic racism.A portion of the episode The Systemization of Racism as a Tool to... Read more

President Trump Holds 72 Percent Approval Rating among White Evangelicals, Pew Finds

President Trump Holds 72 Percent Approval Rating among White Evangelicals, Pew Finds A Pew Research Center survey says that among white evangelicals, President Donald Trump holds a 72 percent approval rating.The rating is a drop of six percent since April, but the survey also found that 82 percent of white evangelicals say they... Read more

Most evangelicals support women in preaching and teaching roles – survey

Nicole Honeywill/UnsplashA survey of evangelicals has found broad support for women in church leadership roles, including preaching from the pulpit on Sundays. In the survey by political scientist Ryan P Burge, 72.8% of respondents were supportive of women preaching on Sunday morning.  Eight in ten (81%) were happy to have women preach at women's conferences and... Read more

Should Evangelicals Terminate Their Affair With the State of Israel?

For Years,I, a Palestinian and evangelical, have watched with pain the unholy alliance of evangelicals and the State of Israel. Evangelical infatuation with Israel began before there was a Jewish state in the Holy Land. British evangelicals, some of whom were Christian Zionists, helped bring the Jewish state into existence. This fixation kept deepening in... Read more

Support for Trump slips among white evangelicals

(Photo: CNN)Support for Donald Trump has slipped in one of his core supporter groups - white evangelicals - although most still say they would vote for him.  A new study by the Pew Research Center found a 6 percentage point drop in approval from white evangelical Protestants between April and June, from 78% to 72%.... Read more

Study: Young White Evangelicals Are Way Less Likely to Wear a Mask | RELEVANT Magazine

Over at Christianity Today, Ryan Burge has put together an interesting look at how Christians are reacting to ongoing concerns about COVID-19, as the pandemic continues to roil through the United States and picks up steam in many parts of the country. Generally speaking, white evangelicals are getting less concerned about the pandemic at... Read more

Fox News Poll: Trump Is Underperforming With White Evangelicals | RELEVANT Magazine

President Donald Trump’s re-election hopes have largely hinged on the white evangelicals who helped boost him to victory in 2016, when he secured 81 percent of white evangelical votes. But their relationship, strained even in the best of times, has been put to an extra test by a flagging economy, the confused pandemic response... Read more

John MacArthur Forewarned of Evangelicals’ ‘Obsession’ with Social Justice

John MacArthur Forewarned of Evangelicals' 'Obsession' with Social Justice Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California has long been warned Christians not to allow the line between social justice and the church blur.According to Faithwire, the eighty-year-old pastor cautioned that the social justice movement can be divisive.In 2018, MacArthur... Read more

Have Evangelicals Forgotten God?

Despite the evidence of ongoing vitality, the evangelical movement shows disturbing signs of dissipating its energies and forfeiting its initiative. While this sentiment has pervaded discussions about evangelicals over the past decade, the close association of Donald Trump with “evangelicalism” has raised it to a feverish pitch. Only the concern isnt that recent: evangelical stalwart... Read more

Poll: Evangelicals Like Trump, but Are They Obedient to Him? | RELEVANT Magazine

Ballot: Evangelicals Like Trump, however Are They Obedient to Him? | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Paul A. Djupe and Ryan P. Burge have stumble on an fascinating query over at Faith In Public, which analyzes traits in religion’s work within the public sphere. Virtually everybody is aware of that white evangelicals overwhelmingly assist President Donald Trump however how deep does that assist go? Are they extra more... Read more

A Very Short Epistle to White Evangelicals

A Very Quick Epistle to White Evangelicals

[ad_1] EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece provides to a dialog consisting of latest items written by Crimson Letter management partaking in various views concerning abortion: Shane Claiborne’s “Will the Real Pro-Life Party Please Stand Up” and Elaina Ramsey’s “Dialoging Across Difference: Abortion and Big Tent Theology.” There could also be latent causes for why white Evangelicals... Read more

Report: 8 in 10 Evangelicals Live in Asia, Africa and South America | RELEVANT Magazine

Report: eight in 10 Evangelicals Dwell in Asia, Africa and South America | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] It’s straightforward to get tunnel imaginative and prescient in the USA and begin pondering that the Southern Baptist Conference represents the nexus of evangelicalism writ massive. In fact, that’s not true even within the U.S. however on a world scale, the notion is downright laughable. In actual fact, French researcher Sebastian Fath... Read more

What People Miss About Why White Evangelicals Support Trump | RELEVANT Magazine

What Individuals Miss About Why White Evangelicals Assist Trump | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Over on the Nationwide Overview, Andrew T. Walker has put collectively an attention-grabbing article known as “Understanding Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump.” In it, Walker grapples with the understandably common query of why a Christian would assist somebody President Donald Trump, a person whose, as Walker admits, “career and persona... Read more

Study: 'Born Again' Isn't Just for Evangelicals Anymore | RELEVANT Magazine

Research: ‘Born Once more’ Is not Only for Evangelicals Anymore | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] A brand new examine has discovered that “born again” a phrase that has usually been related most carefully with evangelicalism over the previous couple of many years is dropping its exclusivity. A number of Christians are referring to themselves as “born again” now, together with Mainline Protestants and Catholics. That examine comes... Read more

Reminder: Wayne Grudem Said Evangelicals Will Lose Any High Moral Ground by Voting for Rudy Giuliani in 2007 | RELEVANT Magazine

Reminder: Wayne Grudem Mentioned Evangelicals Will Lose Any Excessive Ethical Floor by Voting for Rudy Giuliani in 2007 | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] This week, theologian, ethicists and writer Wayne Grudem penned an article known as Trump Ought to Not Be Faraway from Workplace: A Response to Mark Galli and Christianity Right this moment. The piece (which we made the case misses Mark Gallis level) is in response to a CT article making the case... Read more

Study: Just 30% of Americans Have a Positive View of Evangelicals | RELEVANT Magazine

Research: Simply 30% of People Have a Optimistic View of Evangelicals | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] The analysis company Barna has launched their new Model of Evangelicals report, and it finds that almost all People dont suppose very extremely of evangelicals. In actual fact, simply 30 p.c of adults within the nation have a optimistic view of evangelicals (H/T Christian Submit). The rationale for the unfavorable views? Politics.... Read more

Sex Scandals Show Why Evangelicals Need to Recover the Sacrament of Confession

Intercourse Scandals Present Why Evangelicals Must Recuperate the Sacrament of Confession

[ad_1] By way of RNS Current information that in style Christian comic John Cristhas been accused of sexual harassment put the highlight as soon as once more on sexual sin inside the church. This may not, after all, be the primary time a outstanding Christian determine has fallen from grace due to an ethical failure.... Read more

Podcast: What Do Protestant Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Disagree About? (Michael Reeves)

Podcast: What Do Protestant Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Disagree About? (Michael Reeves)

[ad_1] This text is a part of the The Crossway Podcast collection. The Ripple Results of the Reformation On this episode, Michael Reeves discusses what the Protestant Reformation was actually all about, and whether or not or not it is nonetheless related at this time. He displays on the connection between Protestants and Roman Catholics,... Read more

Why Evangelicals Need Theological Retrieval

Why Evangelicals Want Theological Retrieval

[ad_1] When Bible reply man Hank Hanegraaff transformedto Japanese Orthodoxy in 2017, Rod Dreher (an Orthodox believer himself) invited others evangelicals to observe his lead: Many evangelicals search the early church; effectively right here it's, in Orthodoxy. I'm positive some shall be scandalized by Hanegraaff’s conversion however I hope at the very least some will... Read more

Study: 75 Percent of White Evangelicals Still Approve of Trump | RELEVANT Magazine

Research: 75 % of White Evangelicals Nonetheless Approve of Trump | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] A brand new examine from the Public Faith Analysis Institute finds that but once more, white evangelicals stay a definite and important outlier in President Donald Trump’s approval score. Whereas solely 39 % of Individuals give Trump a great approval score, 75 % of white evangelicals say they approve of him and, what’s... Read more

28 Percent of White Evangelicals Think Trump Should Be Impeached | RELEVANT Magazine

28 % of White Evangelicals Suppose Trump Ought to Be Impeached | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] There may be some alarm bells going off within the White Home right now, as a brand new ballot continues to disclose fast-rising help for the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. There’s additional cause for the Administration to be involved about this one. First, it reveals some main... Read more