How to Recognize Today’s False Prophets?

Certainly charlatan preachers and so-called faith healers, who cheat, steal, and fool people in the name of God should be called false prophets. But perhaps theyre not the only false prophets in our society. Perhaps many of our false prophets are more secular in nature. Perhaps they write books, host television and radio programs, and... Read more

A False Rivalry: Gospel Preaching and Social Justice – TGC Africa

Gospel faithfulness as it relates to social justice has increasingly become a polarising discussion within many churches in South Africa. People feel compelled to take a side or make a stand for what they believe to be a proper expression of following Jesus. Unfortunately the question many are asking is, Which camp do you belong... Read more

Christian teacher in misgendering row let go from second school for calling Muhammad a ‘false prophet’

Joshua SutcliffeA Christian teacher who took his former school to court over a misgendering row says he has been let go from a second school after saying Muhammad was a "false prophet". Joshua Sutcliffe made the comments in a video posted to his personal YouTube channel in which he also singled out Russell Brand, Mormon founder... Read more

We Must Be Careful Not to Bear False Witness

A few preacher friends and I were recently discussing our concerns with some of the current trends weve seen during this pandemic. One of the concerning trends is the support many Christians have given to what might be described as, conspiracy theories. From my perspective, one of the biggest problems with supporting a conspiracy theory... Read more

Reexamining Idolatry: The Golden Calf and False Worship

[ad_1] Of all of the questions Christians face, understanding idolatry doesnt really feel like a very laborious one. What's idolatry? The worship of idols. Its worshiping one thing apart from God. Whereas that reply is true, its inadequate. Scripture provides a number of accounts of idolatry. Some are clearly worship of false gods. However idolatry... Read more