Why Are Some Christians So Fearful of Sex When They Get Married?

For some Christians, its uncomfortable to have open conversations about sex, especially when they are fearful or doubtful about what will be expected when they get married. Often, theyve been raised in homes where their parents taught them how to balance a budget, how to change a tire, and how to do the laundry, but... Read more

How Pro-Life Efforts Bring Hope to the Fearful

Several months ago, a visibly distraught woman walked toward the abortion clinic with tears sliding down her cheeks. As is often the case, a clinic escort wrapped her arm tightly around the womans shoulders and walked her toward the front door. As a sidewalk counselor, I walked beside them. The pregnant woman greatly feared being... Read more

When We Are Fearful | Devotional by Charles Stanlety

[ad_1] Learn: Isaiah 41:8-20 (see backside) All through the Bible, God encourages us to not be afraid or anxious, as a result of as His kids, we have now no foundation for concern. In fact, there are causes to be cautious about what we do and the place we go, however residing in a state... Read more