Supreme Court Delivers Two More Victories for Religious Liberty

The Story: In two rulings released this week, the Supreme Court delivered two more victoriesone narrow and one broadfor religious liberty. The Background: The court issued rulings this week on two important cases involving religious liberty The first case was Little Sisters of the Poor v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In 2016, the Catholic group Little... Read more

9 Things You Should Know About the U.S. Supreme Court

Later this week, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to release several potentially blockbuster decisions covering such issues as birth control, ministerial exceptions, and religious rights. Here are nine things you should know about the most important court in the federal judiciary. 1. Article III of the U.S. Constitution establishes the federal judiciary, stating that... Read more

How to Flourish Amid Moral Chaos and Outrage

Were in crisis. Currently this includes health, cultural, racial, and economic realities. Jonathan Dodsonpastor in Austin, Texas, and founder of Gospel-Centered Discipleshipargues in Our Good Crisis: Overcoming Moral Chaos with the Beatitudes that were also in a moral crisis. We struggle to distinguish good from evil. Our moral discernment barometer oscillates like a metronome. Should... Read more

Does American Patriotism Have a Place in Worship Services?

The Story: A majority of pastors believe its important to incorporate patriotic elements in worship services during July Fourth weekend. Yet a majority also believe their congregation sometimes seems to love America more than God. The Background: A survey by LifeWay Research finds that six in 10 Protestant pastors (61 percent) say its important for... Read more

4 Reasons to Wear a Mask, Even if You Hate It

I dont like wearing face masks. They fog up my sunglasses and make my beard itch. Its hard to talk intelligibly through them and nearly impossible to pick up nonverbal facial expressions that add vital texture to conversation. I have a growing collection of masks, but none of them fits great, I dont know where... Read more

Supreme Court: Religious Liberty Is Winningand the Pro-Life Cause Is Losing

The Story: In two rulings released this week, the Supreme Court signaled a pattern of preventing restrictions on both religious liberty and also abortion. The Background: The court issued rulings this week on important cases involving restrictions on abortion and on religious liberty. The abortion case was June Medical Services LLC v. Russo. In 2014,... Read more

5 Novels Christians Should Read

What makes a work of literature worth recommending to Christian readers? Writing 20 years before the birth of Christ, the Roman author Horace bequeathed a twofold criterion for determining the worth of a work of literature that has stood the test of time. Posterity has most often used the words wisdom and delight to capture... Read more

Americans Dont See Human Life as SacredBut See Humanity as Basically Good

The Story: A new study finds that a majority of Americans no longer believe human life has intrinsic value, with six out of ten rejecting the idea that human life is sacred. Yet a majority also say that humans are basically good. The Background: According to new research from the Cultural Research Center at Arizona... Read more

Another Unconvincing Case for Egalitarianism

Andrew Bartlett states the premise and purpose of his new book, Men and Women in Christ: Fresh Light from the Biblical Texts, at the outset: Bible-based Christianity is threatened with a needless schism. Devout believers line up under rival banners emblazoned “complementarian” and “egalitarian.” . . . The purpose of this book is to encourage... Read more

Ligon Duncan: Mississippi, Take Down That Flag

Mississippi Lt. Governor Delbert Hosemann and Speaker of the House Philip Gunnhave asked me to make a statement on the issue of the Mississippi flag. The leaders of our state government and legislature are discussing and debating this matter right now in Jackson. This is what I said to our legislators: I have lived and... Read more

The Book on Black America That Couldve Been Written in 2020

Editors’ note:  Taking the advice of C. S. Lewis, we want to help our readers keep the clean sea breeze of the centuries blowing through our minds, which, as he argued, can be done only by reading old books. To that end, our Rediscovering Forgotten Classics series surveys some forgotten Christian classics that remain relevant... Read more

Should Christians Support Removal of Confederate Memorials?

The Story: Over the past two weeks, numerous efforts have been introduced across the United States to remove Confederate flags, statues, and memorabilia. The Background: Some examples of monuments and memorials being removed include: The U.S. Marine Corps ordered the removal of all public displays of the Confederate flagincluding from things like mugs, bumper stickers,... Read more

Supreme Court: Employment Law Protects Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

What just happened? In the case of Bostock v. Clayton County, Georgia, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday that employers who fire someone for being gay or transgender violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. What was the case about? The court was asked to decide in three cases considered together if... Read more

J. K. Rowling, Latest Casualty in the War of Transgender Ideology

The storm surrounding J. K. Rowlings tweets on women and menstruation is as predictable as it is depressing. That her gracious response has, if anything, exacerbated the fury simply underlines the way civil debate is now apparently impossible on matters that areto put it mildlyhighly contestable (and the ability of a man to become a... Read more

Lessons from Bonhoeffer: Are You Standing Up to Injustice?

If you ever wonder what you would’ve done had you seen Hitler rise to power, or African American children barred from white schools, Laura Fabrycky reminds us that we’re currently acting in the exact same way we would’ve then. For our time is no less plagued with controversy, injustice, tension, or despair than the times... Read more

FactChecker: Is Tear Gas an Abortifacient?

Editors’ note:  FactChecker is an occasional series in which we examine claims, myths, and misunderstandings frequently heard in evangelical circles. The Claim: Tear gas is an abortifacient, and exposuresuch as during a protestcould cause miscarriage. The Background: The recent protests and riots in response to the homicide of George Floyd has renewed interest in the... Read more

How the Evangelical Mind Was Born

Historian Mark Noll once famously worried about the scandal of the evangelical mind, contending that Christians had turned their backs on the academic world. Decades before Noll’s concern, a small group of leaders were laying the groundwork for developing the Christian mind in the church’s pews. The quest accelerated after World War II, thanks to... Read more

A Response to My Teammate Drew Brees

One look at the headlines reveals that tension is as high as patience is low. Many have asked about my quarterbacks comments a few days ago regarding players kneeling during the national anthem. To start, many of those who kneel have made it abundantly clear that they don’t hate our military or wish to dishonor... Read more

FactChecker: Do Christian Men Watch More Pornography?

Editors’ note:  FactChecker is an occasional series in which we examine claims, myths, and misunderstandings frequently heard in evangelical circles. The Claim: Christian menparticularly those living in the Bible Beltconsume as much, if not more, pornography than their non-religious peers do. The Background: There appear to be two sources for the origination of this claim.... Read more

Back to Church: How 5 Congregations Reopened Last Sunday

On Pentecost Sunday, congregations across America met via livestream, podcast, or recorded video. But hundreds also met in personmany for the first time. We were watching the same data points as everyone else, Immanuel Church Nashville lead pastor T.J. Tims said. His Nashville church opened with face masks and assigned seating. The thing that triggered... Read more

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Pandemic Restriction on Church Services

The Story: The Supreme Court recently rejected a challenge to a California pandemic policy restricting occupancy in churches to 25 percent of building capacity or no more than 100 attendees. The Background: South Bay United Pentecostal Church and their senior pastor, Bishop Arthur Hodges III, sought an injunction to prevent enforcement against them of various... Read more

The Gospel and the Pursuit of Justice in Your City

Recent images and reports of the shootings and killings of black bodies in the United States have once again riveted the souls of many. In many black and brown communities, and in the diverse ethnic communities that stand with them, the shootings and deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd confirm the lines... Read more

If the President Tells You to Shoot Looters, You Have a Duty to Disobey

Should we respond to the illegal use of violence with the use of illegal violence? For Christians, the answer to that question should be obvious. But the responses to the recent riots and protests in Minneapolis and St. Paul reveal that we are more conflicted about the answer than we should be. On one side... Read more

Going to Church Could Save Your Life

For the first time in forever (at least, in my culture and lifetime), gathering the local church presents a threat to public health. If we were doing church right beforesinging our guts out, hugging freely, crying on shoulders, sharing food, welcoming homeless friends, and carrying each others kidsGods people gathered should’ve been the most infectious... Read more

Oh God, Make Us Angry!

Like relentless waves, the news keeps crashing: Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. George Floyd. Each one, an image-bearer of God. Each one, beautifully woven by their Maker and bestowed with brown skin. Each one, senselessly killed. These three people, three deaths, three situations point to a larger issue with broad implications. It is godly to get... Read more

When a Lesbian Atheist at Yale Came to Christ

Years ago, while living as a gay man (before my radical conversion to Christianity), I briefly dated an exceptionally talented and prolific Hollywood producer. He recently made a deal with a major Hollywood studio worth an extraordinary amount of money. When asked by a journalist what he planned on doing with all that money, he... Read more

J. D. Greears Challenge: How Will You Respond?

The idea that the gospel is weak and irrelevant is a patent lie, yet it continues to be a popular lie for the secular world to embrace and promote. You dont have to look far to encounter portrayals of Christiansespecially those “evangelical Bible-thumpers”as out-of-touch and bad for society.Weve been dismissed as backwoods, judgmental hicks. People... Read more