Where Love Ends (And the Fight for Disability Rights)

Editor’s Note: This is an anonymously written essay taken fromKeeping the Faith: Reflections on Politics and Christianity in the Era of Trump and Beyond. Each Friday between now and Election Day 2020, we will be sharing new excerpts from this anthology of dissent. Disciples of Jesus know that God persistently asks us to consider what... Read more

Should We Fight for Americas Good Name?

Ive spent nearly a decade living outside of the United States, and at this particular moment in historya pandemic, a contentious presidential race, smoldering racial tensions, violence in American streetspeople often want to know if Im committed to Americas good name. Recently, President Trump called for a Commission to promote patriotic educationa largely symbolic gesture... Read more

F-I-G-H-T! – NIV Devotions for Mom – Week of October 8

F-I-G-H-T! - NIV Devotions for Mom - Week of October 8 Article/Post Source

‘Fight for the Truth, Don’t Back Down’: Jim Caviezel Urges Christians to Fight for Their Religious Freedom

'Fight for the Truth, Don't Back Down': Jim Caviezel Urges Christians to Fight for Their Religious Freedom In a recent interview with LifeSite News, Actor Jim Caviezel told Christians they need to fight for the truth if they still want to freely practice religion, The Western Journal reports. But not the type of fighting with... Read more

Fight against coronavirus is at a ‘critical moment’, say Church leaders

(Photo: Unsplash/Jordan Harrison)Church of Ireland leaders are praying for "brighter days ahead" as more restrictions are imposed across the island in the fight against coronavirus.  In a statement to coincide with Harvest, the Archbishop of Armagh, John McDowell, and the Archbishop of Dublin, Dr Michael Jackson, said it was a "critical moment" in the island's... Read more

Capitol Hill Baptist Shows How to Fight for Religious Freedom in a Pandemic

The Story: A prominent evangelical church in Washington, D.C., provides a model for how churches should fight for religious liberty during the pandemic. The Background: Capitol Hill Baptist Church (CHBC), an 850-member church led by TGC Council Emeritus member Mark Dever, has filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel E. Bowser... Read more

Benjamin Watson Urges Americans to Fight for Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

Benjamin Watson Urges Americans to Fight for Persecuted Christians in Nigeria Former NFL player and outspoken Christian Benjamin Watson came out in solidarity for Christian Nigerians who are being persecuted in Africa in an appearance for the Awareness Campaign For Nigeria. The campaign, which featured prominent advocates of defending people's rights both in the U.S. and... Read more

What the U.S. civil rights fight and Deaf history have in common – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — Police brutality and civil rights issues sparked mass protests in June following George Floyds death. Demonstrations quickly spread nationwide throughout the summer, and they continue in cities like Portland to this day. The current unrest springs from Black communities anger, sorrow, and frustration. According to a Gallup poll released yesterday, more than... Read more

UK Government must increase overseas aid spending to fight coronavirus – World Vision

Over half of UK adults support increased overseas aid spending to tackle coronavirusBritish people are largely supportive of the UK Government spending more on overseas aid to combat Covid-19 as fears abound of a second wave, a World Vision poll has found.  The survey found that three quarters of UK adults (77%) are concerned about... Read more

God Is Pro-Life, Pence Says: He ‘Will Fight Alongside Us’ and ‘Touch Hearts and Minds’

God Is Pro-Life, Pence Says: He 'Will Fight Alongside Us' and 'Touch Hearts and Minds' Vice President Pence on Thursday told a gathering of pro-lifers that the pro-life cause is winning in America and that the nation is on the cusp of restoring the sanctity of life back to the center of American law.But Pence... Read more

Trump promises to ‘fight in the trenches’ for unborn children

(Photo: Unsplash)Donald Trump has written to pro-life campaigners to seek their support ahead of the November presidential elections.  Trump said he had "proudly governed as the most pro-life president in our nation's history," and that he wanted this to continue by being re-elected.  In the letter to Pro-Life Voices for Trump, the President said that if... Read more

How Associate Pastors Can Fight for Joy

I took my first ministry position as associate pastor of a church in Walling, Tennessee, as a stubble-faced 21-year-old. I met my wife in that church, and left from there to obtain a couple of seminary degrees. My ultimate desire was to be a lead pastor. That was 16 years ago, and Im still an... Read more

Former MLB Pitcher Otis Nixon, Pastor Barry Howard Discuss the Church’s Role in the Fight for Racial Equality

Former MLB Pitcher Otis Nixon, Pastor Barry Howard Discuss the Church's Role in the Fight for Racial Equality One may question, What does a former world series baseball player have in common with a pastor?For former Major League Baseball pitcher Otis Nixon and Atlanta-based Pastor Barry Howard of Wieuca Road Baptist Church, it is a... Read more

Help! I Cant Fight These Feelings Anymore

A blind man was crossing a bridge. Two guides offered to lead him, one named faith and one named feelings. Faith led the man to safe ground. Feelings was as blind as him, and led him off the edge. That was how Clive, an older man in the church, responded to a question about feeling... Read more

In the fight to save a cathedral choir, going to court would be entirely justified

The entire Sheffield Cathedral Choir is to be replaced by a new music team(Photo: Facebook/Sheffield Cathedral)Sheffield Cathedral has recently been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, having taken the shocking decision to disband its entire choir in order to replace it with a more inclusive music team that will supposedly better reflect "the... Read more

Megachurch Pastor: Abortion ‘Is Consistent with’ Christianity and ‘I Will Fight’ to Keep it Legal

Megachurch Pastor: Abortion 'Is Consistent with' Christianity and 'I Will Fight' to Keep it Legal A pastor of a Georgia megachurch who also is running for U.S. Senate said last week he believes legalized abortion is consistent with Christianity and he would fight to ensure it remains legal.Raphael Warnock, senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church... Read more

Fighting for Those Who Forgo the Fight – Encouragement for Today – August 14, 2020

August 14, 2020Fighting for Those Who Forgo the FightJASMINE WILLIAMS Lee en espaolWhen Naomi realized that Ruth was determined to go with her, she stopped urging her. Ruth 1:18 (NIV)You know that friend who chooses the wrong guy over and over? Or those relatives who keep cycling through the same struggles? The ones you love... Read more

Trump Administration Grants $35 Million to Fight Human Trafficking

Trump Administration Grants $35 Million to Fight Human Trafficking On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced that it would award more than $35 million to organizations fighting human trafficking, according to the Associated Press.Daughter of President Trump and presidential adviser, Ivanka Trump, as well as Attorney General William Barr, explained at a White House... Read more

Fight For Your Joy – Beloved Women – August 5, 2020

Fight For Your Joy Beloved Women August 5, 2020READ: What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice. Yes, and I will rejoice. (Philippians 1:18 ESV)TODAYS ENCOURAGEMENT: I love that Paul tells himself what he will do in Philippians 1:8. I love that he's... Read more

How to Fight Stay-at-Home-Mom Depression

First of all, anytime you experience troubling emotional symptoms it is important to check in with your doctor to rule out other causes and get their professional advice on ways to treat how you are feeling. Therapy and medication can be amazing game-changers when struggling with mental health issues. These are tools you should explore with... Read more

3 ways to fight human trafficking during a pandemic – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — Today marks the World Day Against Trafficking In Persons an annual event geared to raise trafficking awareness. Between 25 and 40 million people are trapped in forced sex or labor worldwide. COVID-19 lockdowns make this crisis even worse. Lockdowns lead to isolation, which leads to vulnerability and abuse. The exploitation of children... Read more

How Are You Called by Faith to Fight for Others?

Racial tensions are at the forefront of every headline. We are in the midst of whats becoming the largest Civil Rights Movement in our lifetime, more widespread than that of the 1960s. But Christians know this is not breaking news.One of the many marvels of Christianity is that its a major world religion that tackles... Read more

Fear Not: 10 Powerful Verses to Help You Fight Fear and Find Hope

Many of the most popular and frequently quoted Bible verses we hear or read are from the powerful book of Isaiah. 66 chapters are filled with such reminders of who God is and how Hes still with us today. We can find strength from the truth that His word never changes. We can find faith... Read more

John Lewis’ Fight for Justice Isn’t Over | RELEVANT Magazine

Rep. John Lewis has lived at the forefront of Americas fight for racial justice for the past half-century. He was the leader of more than 600 peaceful protests in Alabama and has been arrested more than 40 times. From being the youngest speaker at the 1963 March on Washington, to serving more than 30... Read more

White Christians Must Repent, Fight against Racism, Says Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy

White Christians Must Repent, Fight against Racism, Says Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is calling for white Christians to repent of their racism against their black brothers and sisters while fighting for their rights.The Christian Post reported that Cathy, alongside Megachurch Pastor Louie Giglio and rapper Lecrae discussed the issue... Read more

Two ways to help prisoners fight pandemic fear, anxiety – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — A new UK study shows worsening mental health among prisoners and prison staff as a result of the pandemic. Underfunding and overcrowding increase the risk of COVID-19 infections for both of these populations. More coronavirus coverage here. The same problems exist in U.S. prisons, where World Missionary Press sends Scripture booklets and... Read more

‘Racism Is Sin’: Benjamin Watson Hosts Prayer Event in Fight against Racism

'Racism Is Sin': Benjamin Watson Hosts Prayer Event in Fight against Racism Former New England Patriot Ben Watson hosted a special prayer event with thousands of people over the sin of racism on Sunday afternoon.What is always needed is a spiritual change, Watson said at the Boston Pray event held in the Parkman... Read more

The Church Must Commit to a Longterm Fight Against Racism | RELEVANT Magazine

Jesus feeding the 5,000 was about authentic care for the hunger of the crowd, but He also wanted to engage their hunger in a way that transcended their need for physical food. Luke and John both show us that Jesus cared for the crowd physically and spiritually. He fed them (Luke 9:1317); He preached... Read more

Yemen: how to fight COVID-19 fear with hope – Mission Network News

[EDITORS NOTE: The following article was written by a Yemeni believer from a Muslim background living in the diaspora under quarantine.] Yemen (MNN) — Since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in Yemen on April 10th, the United Nations (UN) and relief organizations have warned that the spread of the virus will have a catastrophic... Read more

‘We Can’t Be Silent’: Tony Dungy Implores Christians to ‘Demonstrate the Qualities’ of Jesus in the Fight for Racial Equality

'We Can't Be Silent': Tony Dungy Implores Christians to 'Demonstrate the Qualities' of Jesus in the Fight for Racial Equality The answer to Americas current divisions lies in the nations churches, with followers of Christ modeling the qualities of the One we claim to follow, former NFL coach and current television commentator Tony... Read more