5 Factors Fueling Dangerous Beliefs in America

The Story: A new survey on Holocaust knowledge reveals how many Americans live in alternative realities in which Holocaust denial and neo-Nazism are acceptable. Here are five factors shaping such radical and dangerous views. The Background: Earlier this week the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany released a survey on Holocaust knowledge among Americans... Read more

Collegiate Day of Prayer fueling Gospel motion

[ad_1] USA (MNN) — Yesterday was the Collegiate Day of Prayer in the USA. Its an enormous annual occasion placed on by a coalition of campus ministries to encourage prayer for school campuses throughout America. EveryCampus with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship helped help Collegiate Day of Prayer. InterVarsitys Jon Hietbrink says yesterday, they noticed individuals doing... Read more

Deaf Bible Society fueling signal language Bible translations throughout Africa

[ad_1] Africa (MNN) — Africa is an unlimited and various continent boasting 54 nations. The signal languages used amongst African Deaf differ between international locations and areas. Nevertheless, 44 African signal languages nonetheless dont have any entry to Scripture. Those who do solely have parts of the Bible translated of their coronary heart signal language.... Read more