Funny Beliefs 2 | Creators and Cultivators

Great comedians feel effortless, but behind each laugh is a lot of work. What is the work of humor, and what does that mean for us as we create and cultivate our own laughs? Written and recorded by Ben Fort Produced by Jonathan Clauson Art by Seth Hahne All music and lyrics by Ben Fort... Read more

Funny Beliefs 1 | Relief

Comedians and late-night hosts have increasingly been pausing the jokes to sincerely address events and issues. This raises interesting questions about humor. What is the relief of laughter, and is that enough for a hurting world? Have we been asking too little of comedians, or are we now asking too much? Written and recorded by... Read more

Scoffing Isnt Funny

Scoffing Isnt Humorous

[ad_1] As soon as, whereas leaving a peewee soccer recreation, in a second of horrible weak point and even worse judgment, I handed one snack-size bag of Cheetos and a single mini Gatorade to 2 youngsters within the backseat of my automotive. The backseat brew of those components and the messy chaos that ensued appears... Read more