Paul’s warning to the Galatians applies to modern-day America, says Os Guinness

Os Guinness fears the radicals have won as the US continues its drift away from its biblical roots.(Photo: Saddleback Church)The United States is gradually "switching" from a worldview influenced by a biblical American Revolution model to an anti-religious French Revolution model, according to author and social critic Os Guinness.Last week, Guinness gave a speech titled... Read more

Study Galatians with Me (and Dr. Tom Schreiner!) - Tim Challies

Examine Galatians with Me (and Dr. Tom Schreiner!) – Tim Challies

[ad_1] I am inviting you to check the guide of Galatians with me and, extra impressively, with New Testomony scholar Tom Schreiner. Whereas I shall be facilitating the course, Dr. Schreiner shall be educating it and fascinating with these of us who research it. In case you aren't conversant in the identify, Dr. Schreiner is... Read more