How Things Have Changed: Reflections of a Millennial Pastor in a Gen Z World

Pastoring on a college campus less than 15 years removed from my own graduation gives me a front-row seat to the remarkable cultural changes underway among young people today. I attended a school quite like the one where I now serve as a campus minister for Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)an elite private university attracting the... Read more

4 Things Millennials Can Learn From Gen Z | RELEVANT

It’s happening again. The gears of life are creaking forward, the hands of time tic their fateful toc and a new day is starting to dawn. Yes, the next generation is making their markon culture, just like the generation before them, ad infinitum. No sooner have millennials started entering the workforce, voting in blocs andwell... Read more

Watching These Gen Z Twins Listen to ‘Jolene’ For the First Time Is Utterly Rad | RELEVANT Magazine

Over on YouTube, two Gen Z twins who go by TwinstheNewTrend record videos of them listening to Boomer and Gen X classics for the first time to offer their Zoomer critiques. It is great content. The boys have keen ears and open minds, as intrigued by country music and 80s power ballads as they... Read more

Barna says Next Gen Christians view missions differently – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — You might support missions but question its ethics if youre under the age of 35, according to the latest study from Barna Research. A third of young adults describe Christian missions past as unethical; 42-percent point to colonialism as a cause for concern. TWRs Jon Fugler is a member of the Alliance... Read more

Millennials and Gen Zers: Boomers Actually Want You Proper Now | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] COVID-19 has dramatically modified our interactions. Extra time with speedy household, spouses and roommates additionally means no time in-person with co-workers, prolonged household or Bible research teams. The obvious results are felt by all, however one is much less conspicuous: What's going to this imply for intergenerational friendships? Intergenerational friendships arent as... Read more

Bible Connection Podcast: Reality for TodayApologetics and Gen Z – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] Content material supervisor for Bible Gateway Bible Gateway presents the Bible Connection Podcast, the place we discuss in regards to the Bible and the way it connects to each aspect of life. What's apologetics? Who's it for? Is it really essential in todays tradition? On this seventh episode of the Bible Connection Podcast, Sean... Read more

What the Persecuted Church Can Educate Gen Z

[ad_1] Meet Roy. When he was 15, he and a bunch of scholars had been attackedby a Muslim mob. As an alternative of renouncing his religion, the younger Indonesian boldly declared: I'm a soldier of God . . . able to die for Christ. The final phrase he stated was Jesus. Nineteen-year-old Mee had been... Read more

Reaching Gen Z, an irreligious technology – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] USA (MNN) Amongst youthful generations, the irreligious inhabitants is rising. Amongst Technology Z school college students this presents challenges and alternatives for ministry. Millennials present a reducing perception in God and views on the significance of faith in keeping with the Pew Analysis Middle. Now, additional analysis is exhibiting the technology behind them, Gen... Read more