How to Navigate the Generational Divide in Politics

The 2020 election is already a trying season for the American church. And among the dynamics at play is a growing generational divide among conservative evangelicals. Im hearing more and more young, conservative-leaning evangelicals express disappointment at the political behavior of their conservative parentsa growing concern that theyre being radicalized into the conspiracy-spreading far-right by... Read more

#OKBoomer and Generational Warfare in Succession – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Younger members of Technology X, like myself, have encoded in our DNA the preternatural skill to roll our eyes as arduous as humanly attainable and mumble no matter within the course of any and each authority determine. So, it's with some amusement Gen X-ers watch the generational struggle play out between Boomers and Millennials/GenZ.... Read more

Why Your Youth Group Wants Generational Integration

[ad_1] From Segregated to Built-in We see in Scripture two realities that ought to form our strategy to youth ministry. One is that when Gods folks collect to worship, all of the generations are usually included. The opposite is that religion being handed from one technology to the subsequent is the Lords intention. The household... Read more