Police and Protesters Hug, Shake Hands after Officers Take a Knee in a Show of Solidarity

Police and Protesters Hug, Shake Hands after Officers Take a Knee in a Show of Solidarity

Police and Protesters Hug, Shake Hands after Officers Take a Knee in a Show of Solidarity All 60-plus police officers in Fayetteville, N.C., took a knee Monday to show solidarity with protesters in what has become a law enforcement trend in recent days.Police officers in big cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, New York... Read more

Pastor who laid hands on COVID-19 sufferers, claiming to heal them, has died from the virus

Frankline NdiforTwitter/AkereMunaA pastor who claimed to have 'healed coronavirus sufferers by laying his hands on them' has died from Covid-19, sparking fear among his followers.Sufferers of the coronavirus had flocked to the Kingship International Ministries Church in Cameroon where Pastor Frankline Ndifor, 39,  who was a candidate in the central African state of Cameroon's presidential election... Read more

Believers in oral cultures finding ways to be Jesuss hands during lockdown

USA (MNN) — The coronavirus has put a damper on the ministry models of ministries that rely on face-to-face interaction. Even Zoom and Skype arent helpful in communities with limited technology. Spoken Worldwide works with oral learners around the world to communicate Gospel stories and truths. But in an oral culture, trying to share Jesus... Read more

Dont Just Wash Your Hands: Scripture, COVID-19, and Mass Incarceration

Dont Simply Wash Your Fingers: Scripture, COVID-19, and Mass Incarceration

[ad_1] The thesis assertion of the Bible, for Christians, may be discovered within the life, ministry, dying and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the main focus of the Lenten season. Jesus, himself, mentioned this of his function: The Spirit of the Lord is on me,as a result of he has anointed meto proclaim good newsto the... Read more

Give Us Clean Hands: How Long to Wash Your Hands to Classic Christian Songs | RELEVANT Magazine

Give Us Clear Palms: How Lengthy to Wash Your Palms to Traditional Christian Songs | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] COVID-19 has gone from obscure warning to actual endemic within the U.S., and CDC spokespeople are beginning to speak when it comes to containment as a substitute of prevention. That implies that whereas the Coronavirus could already be right here within the U.S., there’s no purpose to panic. The specter of the... Read more

Deployment and the Church: being the hands and feet of Christ - Mission Network News

Deployment and the Church: being the fingers and ft of Christ – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Intl (MNN) When a soldier deploys, there are numerous folks left behind who wrestle with that absence. A liked one is gone, and even when they arrive again, it gained’t be for a very long time. How can the church and people assist these left behind? A Widespread Battle Numbers from 2017 present 1.three... Read more

Dad Died with Dirt on His Hands - Tim Challies

Dad Died with Dust on His Arms – Tim Challies

[ad_1] Not many people get to die the best way we wished. However my dad did. A person of the earth, he had an ideal ardour for vegetation, a love for flowers and timber and all method of flora. He noticed the wonder in every of them, the distinctive promise each one held to make... Read more

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Bible Connection Podcast: Fingers and Toes – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] Content material supervisor for Bible Gateway Bible Gateway presents the Bible Connection Podcast, the place we discuss concerning the Bible and the way it connects to each side of life. Will McGinniss is maybe greatest referred to as a founding member of the Christian band, Audio Adrenaline. In 2003, he, co-founder and lead singer... Read more