Scottish Government must change Hate Crime Bill to protect free speech – Christians

(Photo: Unsplash/Kirsten Drew)The Scottish Government must include "robust" provisions in its proposed Hate Crime Bill to protect freedom of religion, the Catholic Church has said.  Scottish Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf was recently forced to amend some of the wording in the Bill following a backlash over its free speech implications from a wide range of... Read more

Writers line up to defend JK Rowling ‘against hate’

JK Rowling(Photo: Reuters)Dozens of writers, actors, producers and journalists have come out in support of JK Rowling as she continues to face abuse and death threats over her criticism of transgender ideology. In a letter to The Sunday Times, they say that the backlash against the Harry Potter author reflects "an insidious, authoritarian and misogynistic trend in... Read more

Compromise on hate crime doesn’t go far enough to protect free speech, say campaigners

(Photo: Unsplash/Kirsten Drew)The Scottish Government has agreed to amend controversial hate crime legislation after facing a backlash from comedians, lawyers, the police and Christians over its potential harm to free speech.  Scottish justice secretary Humza Yousaf told the Scottish Parliament on Thursday that amendments would be made to the bill to remove the term "likely"... Read more

MSPs urge SNP to go back to the drawing board over Hate Crime Bill

The Scottish Parliament In Edinburgh(Reuters)MSPs have warned that the SNP's proposed reforms to hate crime law will have a detrimental impact on Scotland's democratic values.  Thomas Kerr, Conservative councillor for Shettleston, said in the Glasgow Evening Times that the Hate Crime Bill presents a "serious risk to the democratic freedoms we all cherish". While he supports... Read more

Would Jesus be prosecuted for hate speech?

(Photo: Unsplash/Tim Wildsmith)"You dogs! Snakes! Morons! Fools! Hypocrites! Swine!" Can you imagine the uproar if a Christian leader were to use such terms on Twitter or Facebook? I suspect a ban would not be far away. At the very least, this could be considered 'hate speech' and it hardly seems very loving. I can imagine... Read more

MSPs reject bid to halt controversial hate crime Bill

ReutersMSPs have rejected an attempt to halt controversial reforms to hate crime legislation in Scotland.  The Bill, debated in Holyrood on Thursday, has been called into question by campaigners because of the proposed offence of "stirring up hatred".  The Scottish Conservatives put forward a motion during the debate, saying that "the right to freedom of expression... Read more

Scottish Justice Secretary open to compromise on contentious hate crime Bill

ReutersThe Scottish Justice Secretary has suggested he is open to compromise on a controversial hate crime Bill after widespread concern over its impact on free speech.  Holyrood's Justice Committee has received nearly 2,000 responses to its inquiry into the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill, 145 of which were published on Friday.  While there is... Read more

Atheist activist says Scotland’s hate crime Bill can be used to prosecute faith groups ‘for spreading hatred’

(Photo: Unsplash/CarolynV)An atheist activist has said he is supporting a controversial hate crime Bill in Scotland because it can be used to prosecute religious groups.  Ian Stewart, Convener of Atheist Scotland, said in a letter to The Courier newspaper that the SNP's Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill "will enable the prosecution of all Scotland's... Read more

Jokes could fall foul of Scottish hate crime Bill

(Photo: Unsplash/TimMossholder)Comedians could find themselves on the wrong side of the law under the SNP's proposed hate crime Bill, campaigners have warned. If passed, the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill will make "abusive language" that is "likely to stir up hatred" a criminal offence. But a broad coalition uniting secularists and Christians warns... Read more

Scotland’s Hate Crime Bill is a charter for the suppression of free speech

(Photo: Unsplash/Mika)There are laws on the statute books which are largely redundant because they have not been used or implemented. The Scottish blasphemy law is one such. The last time it was used was 178 years ago, when Edinburgh bookseller, Thomas Paterson, was prosecuted for advertising: 'that the Bible and other obscene works not sold... Read more

Hate crime Bill threatens free speech, say Scottish bishops

(Photo: Unsplash/Kirsten Drew)The freedom to disagree must be protected, bishops have said in response to the Scottish Government's controversial plans to expand hate crime laws.  The Catholic Church in Scotland voiced concerns that the Bible and expressing biblical values may be at risk if the Hate Crime and Public Order Bill is passed in its... Read more

Hate crime law will have ‘detrimental effect on free speech’, warns Church

(Photo: Unsplash/EmranYousof)Concerns have been raised about the free speech implications of plans to extend hate crime legislation in Scotland.  The proposed Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Bill "seeks to modernise and extend existing hate crime legislation". One proposed addition to existing laws would create new offences relating to stirring up hatred that apply to... Read more

Scotland’s hate crime Bill ‘threatens gospel freedom’

(Photo: Unsplash/EmranYousof)Concerns have been raised over the free speech of Christians in Scotland as the Scottish Parliament considers broadening hate crime laws.  The existing law covers race but the Justice Committee is considering extending the law to include religion, sexual orientation and transgender identity.  Nigel Kenny, the Christian Institute's Scotland Officer, fears that the Hate Crime... Read more

More Than 400 Advertisers Leave Facebook Over Hate Speech | RELEVANT Magazine

Over the last two weeks, the Stop Hate for Profit campaign has pressured advertisers to cancel their contracts with Facebook over concerns that hate speech is posted unchecked on the platform. Now, more than 400 companies from Coca-Cola to Target, Ford and Adidas have pulled their advertising from the platform. And Facebook, which generates... Read more

4 Reasons to Wear a Mask, Even if You Hate It

I dont like wearing face masks. They fog up my sunglasses and make my beard itch. Its hard to talk intelligibly through them and nearly impossible to pick up nonverbal facial expressions that add vital texture to conversation. I have a growing collection of masks, but none of them fits great, I dont know where... Read more

JK Rowling fights back against ‘transphobic’ accusations: ‘It isn’t hate to speak the truth’

British writer JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series of books, poses during the launch of new online website Pottermore in London, England on June 23, 2011.REUTERS/Suzanne Plunkett/File PhotoThe author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling, is facing intense backlash online for reiterating that biological sex is real, comments many are now deeming... Read more

U.S. Senate Chaplain Asks God to ‘Inoculate Our Nation against Hate, Sin and Despair’

U.S. Senate Chaplain Asks God to 'Inoculate Our Nation against Hate, Sin and Despair' The U.S. Senate chaplain asked God to inoculate our nation against hate, sin and despair in a prayer Monday that referenced the death of George Floyd, the ongoing protests and the coronavirus pandemic. Barry C. Black, who has served as... Read more

Some politicians on the left ‘hate faith’, says Ted Cruz

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz said that some Covid-19 restrictions were being imposed "arbitrarily".ReutersSenator Ted Cruz of Texas has claimed that some progressive elected officials issuing orders to curb the spread of COVID-19 that restrict churches but not secular entities are doing so because they "hate faith."On an episode of "First Liberty Live!" streamed... Read more

Podcast: Assist! I Hate My Job (James Hamilton)

[ad_1] This text is a part of the The Crossway Podcast sequence. What Job Is Proper for You? On this episode, Jim Hamilton, writer of Work and Our Labor within the Lord, discusses what to do while you hate your job. He affords encouragement for these annoyed of their work, displays on God's authentic intention... Read more