Haven Today Interviews Bible Gateway – Bible Gateway Blog

Content manager for Bible Gateway The global radio program Haven Today (@HavenToday), heard on more than 650 radio stations by 500,000 daily listeners, featured Bible Gateway in its series on “Christians You Should Know.” Founded in 1934, Haven Ministries has as its mission to tell the world all about Jesus through prayer, print, and broadcast... Read more

How to Make Your Home a Safe Haven in This Scary World

The world is scrambling to find solutions to overwhelming problems. Scientists around the world research cures for disease. Government regulations attempt to bring order and prosperity to society. Yet no matter the gains we make, mankind never achieves the peace were searching for.As a family, we can worship the One who promises to make all... Read more


Ethiopia might not be the Christian protected haven it has been

[ad_1] Ethiopia (MNN) — Ethiopia — in comparison with its neighbors like Eritrea, Somalia, and Sudan — is the tamest of the bunch with regards to non secular violence. However Greg Musselman with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada says that's altering. I've an in depth buddy that's giving us data. Since he left a... Read more