Does God Really Hear My Prayers? – Girlfriends in God – September 10, 2020

September 10, 2020Does God Really Hear My Prayers?Gwen SmithTodays TruthI love the Lord, because He hears [and continues to hear] my voice and my supplications (my pleas, my cries, my specific needs). (Psalm 116:1, AMP)Friend to FriendHe left me on read. She left me on open. These are a few phrases young people use to describe... Read more

Why Don’t You Hear God When You Need Him the Most?

Trusting God to provide is a wonderful concept, and one that most Christians want to live out. However, when the Lord seems silent or even aloof to our circumstances, it doesnt take long for our faith to waiver. If trust doesnt come easy for you, here are a few ways to build it:Recall Gods faithfulness:How... Read more

7 Things Congregations Need to Hear from Pastors about Healthy Sexuality

Too many believers think that once they get married, all their sexual woes will disappear. And for the person who saved themself for marriage, sex will be perfect and free from shame.Yet, oftentimes shame does still exist within marriage, especially for women, because sex wasnt talked about in a good and healthy way at all.... Read more

You’ve Just Gotta Hear This Cellist’s Spin on the ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’ Theme Song | RELEVANT Magazine

In the canon of 90s animated cartoons, no opening intro went harder thanX-Men: The Animated Series. Long before Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry suited up, the cartoon song catapulted young minds into a perilous, exciting world where mutants were sworn to protect a world that hated and feared them. If we’re lucky, the upcoming MCU... Read more

Christians in the Middle East hear the Gospel through social media

Social media is being used to share the Gospel in Middle Eastern countries that are hostile to the Christian faith(Photo: Open Doors UK)Each day this week Christian Today is sharing stories of persecuted Christian women who have leant on Christ and been strengthened in order to pull through the incredible hardships they have faced.  Today... Read more

10 Things Black Brothers and Sisters Most Need to Hear from the Church

As a Christian, I have always felt that regardless of the color of my skin, the church would be a safe place. I imagined there would be no discrimination, no hierarchy based on race, no infiltration of laws that diminished Black people. Perhaps this was all in my imagination, because though I know this is... Read more

I Didnt Hear You – Girlfriends in God – July 7, 2020

July 7, 2020I Didnt Hear You Arlene PellicaneTodays TruthObserve the commands of the Lord your God, walking in obedience to him and revering him.  Deuteronomy 8:6, NIV.Friend to FriendI was excited to be at a concert with my girls, but when it began, I realized I had forgotten something very important.  Earplugs!  The speakers were pointed... Read more

Top 4 Affirmations Your Dad Needs To Hear This Fathers Day

Lets face it: being a dad is tough.I know we make it look easy (or maybe not) but there is nothing easy about being a dad. My fatherhood journey includes raising two kids, one who has special needs. I know in the traditional family model dad is the rock. Mom is the glue that holds... Read more

AMGs radio ministry provides a safe way for many to hear the Gospel – Mission Network News

International (MNN) AMG Internationals radio ministry shares the Gospel message all over the world, leading many to faith in Jesus. AMGs Bill Passons explains that AMG has a long history of media ministry, but their radio ministry only began about 20 years ago. He believes that it remains a very relevant ministry, particularly for evangelism.... Read more

Dont Get Fooled Once more: On MIDI 2.Zero and the Actuality of What We Hear – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] When I used to be in 4th grade, we had an meeting within the Julia R. Ewan Elementary College health club. As we filed in and made our option to the bleachers, there in the course of the polished oak basketball court docket have been an digital keyboard and a handful of different devices,... Read more

three Methods to Develop Spiritually We Do not Hear Sufficient About | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] A number of years in the past, I began to really feel caught as a therapist. I discovered many consumers desired change, however as an alternative, regularly cycled via self-sabotaging behaviors or felt suffocated by disgrace. What's it? They puzzled to me aloud. Dont I need it sufficient? Am I not praying... Read more

What to Do When You Cant Hear God | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] There's a image sitting beside my mattress that I've held pricey for practically my total life. While you take a look at it, it doesnt imply a lot. Its my grandfather and great-grandfather standing subsequent to me as a stand on a tree stump in the midst of Iowa. What most individuals... Read more

Ears to Hear

[ad_1] One other church taking pictures in White Settlement, Texas, occurred when a person entered with a shotgun, walked as much as two deacons serving communion and opened hearth, killing two and wounding one other. He was then shot and killed by a congregant. One communion server was additionally drawing a weapon earlier than he... Read more

Hear Haims Stripped Down Model of Hallelujah | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Tweet Share Pin The Haim sisters just lately stopped by BBC Radio 1s studio for a particular piano session, and carried out their new single Hallelujah. The stripped-down... Read more

Supreme Courtroom to Hear Louisiana Abortion Case

[ad_1] What simply occurred? On Friday the U.S. Supreme Courtroom introduced that in its 2020 time period it would challenge a ruling inJune Medical Providers v. Gee, the primary case involving abortion because the court docket gained a conservative majority. What's the case about? In 2014 Louisiana handed a legislation requiring medical doctors who carry... Read more