How to Have a More Meaningful Prayer Life

Can I ask you something? How much prayer is enough? Or, perhaps, what kind of prayer counts towards my Jesus points for the day and moves me to the Gold Star Plus plan?Joking! (But actually I would really love to know what counts. DM me?)Ive been a Christian for 30 years, so I know theres no Gold-Star... Read more

Whose Fault Is it that Im Angry? The Answer Might Surprise You

The Other Person Has Responsibilityfor Their Actions, and for Acknowledging Your Feelings Before I learned about emotions, I often blamed my husband for itand then wed argue about whether my anger was justified. But arguing about my anger distracted us from a much more important question.Its this: how could my husband and I work together... Read more

Do You Wonder if You Give Enough to Jesus?

Can I tell you my guilty secret? I hate prayer requests.For years, I deliberately didnt write them down. The pressure to pray for people wore me out.You already admire me tremendously, dont you?Prayer requests make me think awkward thoughts. For instance: When I pray for someone, can I just name them, or do I need... Read more

9 Things You Should Know about Trauma

One of the single biggest barriers to my own healing from trauma was the Churchs teaching on denying ourselves.The church warned me about the dangers of:My emotions: They were the optional caboose in the train of faith, as Bill Bright put it.My desires: They were invariably worldly and sinful.My judgement: It was pride talking.There is... Read more

If Jesus Saved Me, Why Don’t I Feel Different?

For years, I knew that I should feel so much different about my faith if I were really walking with Jesus as I should. I should feel grounded, peaceful, devoid of doubt, anxiety, and spiritual laziness. Everything in faith would be different if I could get my act together. I would finally be able to trust Jesus... Read more