The Flip Side of Worry | Devotional by Darren Hewer

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? Matthew 6:27 As I was I was leaving my parents house, my mom told me she was worried about me taking the bus back to my apartment. Then, continuing that chain of thought, she said that if I were driving instead,... Read more

No Time to Pray? | Devotional by Darren Hewer

No Time to Pray? | Devotional by Darren Hewer

[ad_1] Please take into account Luke 11:1: In the future Jesus was praying in a sure place. When he completed, one among his disciples mentioned to him, Lord, train us to wish, simply as John taught his disciples. Martin Luther was an essential and busy man. The earlier sentence could also be a gross understatement,... Read more

Advent calendar

What’s Creation? | Christmas Devotional by Darren Hewer

[ad_1] One in every of my fondest childhood reminiscences of the Christmas season is the Creation calendars my brother and I might obtain yearly. If youre unfamiliar with this custom, the actual model my household loved consisted of a virtually flat adorned cardboard field, with tiny doorways on it, numbered from 1 to 24 representing... Read more

Beware of Deception | Devotional by Darren Hewer

Watch out for Deception | Devotional by Darren Hewer

[ad_1] You're affordable individuals. Determine for yourselves if what I'm saying is true. 1 Corinthians 10:15 Opening your e-mail inbox, you discover a brand new e-mail: From Chief Oyinbolowo Eko with the topic REQUEST FOR AN URGENT BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP. Unusual, you suppose to your self, knowingly rolling your eyes, I dont know a Chief Oyinbolowo... Read more