Evolution and Historical Adam? A Provocative But Unconvincing Attempt

Adam and Eve, ghosts of Eden, still haunt the evangelical conscience. Current scientific evidence, weve been told, sounds the death knell for a historical Adam. If you do believe the human race descends from a single couple, best keep that opinion under wraps. Evolutionary theory has blown up such antiquated ideas, leaving evangelical scholars picking... Read more

Historic Objects that Assist Inform the Story of Easter – Tim Challies

[ad_1] As Easter weekend begins and this time of being housebound continues, I discover myself considering past the confines of my dwelling. I discover myself considering wistfully of a few of the locations world wide Ive had the privilege to go to, and a few of the Easter-related objects Ive discovered there. Listed here are... Read more

Evolution and Historic Adam? A Provocative However Unconvincing Try

[ad_1] Adam and Eve, ghosts of Eden, nonetheless hang-out the evangelical conscience. Present scientific proof, weve been informed, sounds the dying knell for a historic Adam. In the event you do imagine the human race descends from a single couple, greatest preserve that opinion underneath wraps. Evolutionary idea has blown up such antiquated concepts, leaving... Read more

Historic theology informs and educates present-day Bible readers – Mission Community Information

[ad_1] Lebanon (MNN) Historic theology. It's a matter that seeps into each theology class an undergraduate Bible main or seminary scholar takes. It's the lengthy listing of questions varied believers and non-believers have posed over the centuries, which led to a number of creeds for the Church to collectively perceive and clarify the Scriptures. Historic... Read more

What Occurs when Doctrine Suffers from Historic Amnesia

[ad_1] Unfamiliar Doctrines Numerous occasions, evangelicals neglect the doctrine of God as a result of we are inclined to concentrate on the issues the place weve needed to battle battles. Typically the doctrine of God is simply assumed and we havent needed to battle about itso it will get uncared for. On account of that,... Read more

Guard in opposition to These Four Risks When Doing Historic Theology

[ad_1] Watch out for Distortion and Artificiality Theological retrieval might be very useful, however it could possibly additionally go improper. Within the first place, we have to be cautious of the hazard of distortion, by which we transfer too shortly to the current situation with out sufficiently doing our homework, such that the historic useful... Read more