Nurse who had home abortion says she thought she was ‘going to die’

A nurse is considering legal action against Marie Stopes International after she says she needed emergency surgery following a DIY home abortion. The 30-year-old, named only as Sophie, was given abortion tablets by Marie Stopes to take at home.  She claims she was in a state of distress and was not "properly checked" by the... Read more

5 Practical Ways to Help Your Kid Pay Attention Learning at Home

Making sure kids eat breakfast before school has been a long-touted piece of advice, but making sure they get the right kind of fuel for their brains is a topic worth emphasizing.While most families struggle to get everyone up and at em on time, its important to slow down long enough to ensure your child is... Read more

He Made it Home – Daughters of Promise – October 8

HE MADE IT HOMEBy: Christine WyrtzenAnd God said, Let the waters under the heavens be gather together into one place. Let the earth sprout vegetation. Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens. And God made the two great lights the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule... Read more

Volunteer from home as a Bible study penpal with prisoners

International (MNN) — The landscape of volunteer service is changing. At the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a survey by VolunteerMatch showed that 93 percent of nonprofits significantly reduced their operations. Additionally, 85 percent of volunteers were worried about getting sick or exposing others, and 45 percent of volunteers said they wanted to serve remotely.... Read more

Haitian Pastor, Wife Murdered in Their Home in Haiti

Haitian Pastor, Wife Murdered in Their Home in Haiti The Christian Post reports that a Florida-based pastor and his wife were found murdered in Haiti after returning as missionaries for a month.According to police, Pastor Jean Phillippe-Quetant (57) and his wife, Erna Plancher-Quetant, 54, were both shot to death in their home during an armed... Read more

‘Abortion Ground Zero’: Pro-life Activist Leads Protests outside Joe Biden’s Home

'Abortion Ground Zero': Pro-life Activist Leads Protests outside Joe Biden's Home On Thursday, over 50 anti-abortion activists protested outside of Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Bidens home in Wilmington, Delaware, with additional protests planned for Friday and Saturday.Randall Terry, founder of the anti-abortion organization, Operation Save America (Operation Rescue) led Thursdays protest as the group arrived in... Read more

How to Work From Home Without Losing Your Mind | RELEVANT

It sounded like a good idea to work at home, fantastic even. I could get the laundry done, clean the house at will, take a relaxing lavender bubble bath and sleep in if I wanted to. As my bubble bath swirled down the drain, I realized the need for discipline to maintain a cohesive working... Read more

Churches Hit Home Run with Services in Ballparks, Stadiums as COVID-19 Cancels Sports

Churches Hit Home Run with Services in Ballparks, Stadiums as COVID-19 Cancels Sports SOUTH BEND, Ind. (RNS) It was sunny and 73 degrees, the perfect day for a baseball game.But thats not why the crowd filled the stands Sunday (Sept. 20) at Four Winds Field in South Bend, Indiana, home of the South Bend Cubs.They... Read more

Pastor’s Daughter Sent Home from School for Wearing ‘Homosexuality Is a Sin’ T-Shirt

Pastor's Daughter Sent Home from School for Wearing 'Homosexuality Is a Sin' T-Shirt In late August, one high school student was reportedly sent home from Livingston Academy in Tennessee after she refused to change out of her black t-shirt that stated, homosexuality is a sin in bold white letters.Rev. Rich Penkoski, who leads Warriors For... Read more

New CEO for Christian adoption charity Home for Good

Krish Kandiah (l) is moving to a part-time role at Home for Good, the charity he found to find more homes for children in the care systemTania Bright has been appointed as the new CEO of Christian fostering and adoption charity Home for Good.  She succeeds founder Dr Krish Kandiah, who will move to a... Read more

How Home Renovations Point to Heart Renovations

Our family is in the middle of a house renovation. By our family what I really mean is, I have personally taken on an entire building project that is both exhilarating and also 100 percent overwhelming. Ive never built anything. Im not particularly handy. I dont love measuring things, nor am I especially crafty. But... Read more

What Does It Mean to Be a Man in the Home?

Significant Male Roles All men are called to be spiritual leaders in their homes. This means they must be spiritually mature or else accept guidance from mature men until they are able to lead others to faith and to help their family grow in their faith. Men also need to be in accountability relationships with... Read more

Keith And Kristyn Gettys Sing! Conference Goes Online, Focuses on Singing at Home

Keith And Kristyn Gettys Sing! Conference Goes Online, Focuses on Singing at Home NASHVILLE (RNS) Keith Gettys life is usually filled with singing.Leading worship at Christian conferences.A national singing tour, including a standing-room-only hymn sing at the Grand Ole Opry House.Irish Christmas concerts at venues like Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center and a series of... Read more

‘It Was as If the Holy Spirit Is Saying, Go!’: Pastor Says God Told Him to Send Church Staff Home Just before Explosion in Beirut

'It Was as If the Holy Spirit Is Saying, Go!': Pastor Says God Told Him to Send Church Staff Home Just before Explosion in Beirut Pastor Said Deeb of Life Center Church in Beirut said he had a feeling he needed to send staff home on the day a massive explosion rocked the... Read more

Hard-Line Hindu Neighbors Attack Pastor and Guests at His Home in India

Hard-Line Hindu Neighbors Attack Pastor and Guests at His Home in India HYDERABAD, India, August 13, 2020 (Morning Star News) Pastor Ramnivas Kumar had been attacked before, but in the latest instance he was stunned that police in eastern India arrested his bleeding guests based on transparently false accusations that they were robbers,... Read more

Google Will Let All Employees Work From Home Until at Least Next Summer | RELEVANT Magazine

Google has previously said that all its employees will be working from home until the end of the year. But in a sign that large companies are coming to terms with the scope of the pandemic, Google has now announced that its employees will be allowed to work from home until “at least” July... Read more

10 Family-Friendly Movies to Watch While Stuck Home Together

(2019, PG) Frozen 2 is a sequel that doesnt disappoint.  The catchy tunes, engaging storyline, and a sisterhood that is inspiring.  Elsa, Anna, Christof, and Olaf go on a journey to uncover the truth about the past. Along the way, Olaf humorously comments on his growing maturity.Christof struggles with finding the right way to propose... Read more

Without Church or Internet, Many South Africans Turn to Liturgies at Home

Without Church or Internet, Many South Africans Turn to Liturgies at Home (RNS) Before the coronavirus pandemic reached South Africa in early spring, 15-year-old Sandile Manyike and his family faithfully attended Mass at St. Martin de Porres, a vibrant 800-member Roman Catholic church in Orlando West, the township where Nelson Mandela lived before... Read more

Boris Johnson challenged over ‘outrageous’ care home comments

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was strongly criticised for his care home commentsReutersBoris Johnson was wrong to accuse care homes of not following procedures during the coronavirus crisis, Louise Morse, of Pilgrims' Friend Society has said.  The Prime Minister has been under pressure to apologise over his comments earlier this week when he said: "We... Read more

How to Make Your Home a Safe Haven in This Scary World

The world is scrambling to find solutions to overwhelming problems. Scientists around the world research cures for disease. Government regulations attempt to bring order and prosperity to society. Yet no matter the gains we make, mankind never achieves the peace were searching for.As a family, we can worship the One who promises to make all... Read more

Villagers Burn Home, Beat Wife of Former Muslim Sheikh in Eastern Uganda

Villagers Burn Home, Beat Wife of Former Muslim Sheikh in Eastern Uganda NAIROBI, Kenya, June 23, 2020 (Morning Star News) A former sheikh (Muslim teacher) in eastern Uganda who secretly became a Christian on Christmas Day decided to tell his two wives about his new faith last month.Marijan Olupot invited his pastor to... Read more

I want my wife to work and she wants to stay home with our kids. What should we do? | Pastor Mark Driscoll

A husband wrote in saying that he wants his wife to work but she would like to stay home with their kids. In this weeks video, Pastor Mark and Grace answer this question and give helpful, practical advice for the couple. Have a question youd like answered in a potential future Ask Pastor Mark video?... Read more

No place like home: the place of the Temple in the Jewish religion

(Photo: Unsplash/Victoria Strukovskaya)Two or three times a day I walk on the moor near my home in Salford where the Chartists held their famous meeting of 1838. Here the Chartists would sit and discuss the issues of the day and also come up with solutions.It is this moor that has become my new synagogue, a... Read more

Police investigating abortion of 28-week-old baby at home

ReutersPolice are reportedly investigating the death of a baby terminated by its mother at home when she was 28 weeks pregnant.The Sun reports that the baby's death is being investigated by a Midlands coroner and that police have been informed. The legal limit for an abortion in the UK is 24 weeks, but the time limit on... Read more

Let Your Nostalgia Point You Home

Its common to hear this sentiment today, almost word for word: Things arent like they used to be. Why is the world getting so bad? Violent crime is on the rise. Im glad I didnt have to bring up my children in these days. But heres how I think the preacher in Ecclesiastes would respond... Read more

30 Edifying Things to Watch When Stuck at Home

One of the blessings of being stuck at home in a global pandemic in 2020versus, say, 1990 or even 2000is that the internet provides a means to communicate, work, shop, and be entertained without needing to go outside. But in terms of streaming entertainment, the blessing can become a curse due to the overwhelming amount... Read more

How Hebrews 1 Hammers Home the Deity of Christ

When it comes to biblical texts that teach Christs deity, we probably think of passages like John 1 (The Word was God, John 1:1), or 2 Peter 1 (our God and Savior Jesus Christ, 2 Pet. 1:1). But theres another text that arguably teaches Christs deity more relentlessly than either of these, and thats Hebrews... Read more