A 15-Year-Old Black Girl Was Sentenced to Juvenile Detention Because She Didn’t Do Her Homework | RELEVANT Magazine

ProPublica has put together an infuriating look at the case of a 15-year-old in Michigan named Grace, who is currently serving time in the Childrens Village juvenile detention center in suburban Detroit. Grace has ADHD and a history of behavioral issues that had led to her fighting with her mother and getting put on... Read more

Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Protecting Students’ ‘Religious Expression’ at School, in Homework

Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Protecting Students' 'Religious Expression' at School, in Homework A bill that protects the religious expression of public school students throughout the school day and even with homework and other assignments was signed into law by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine last week.The Ohio Student Religious Liberties Act, which passed the... Read more

School apologises over homework assignment that asked kids to define hardcore porn

The headteacher of Archbishop Sentamu Academy has apologised(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ian S)A religious school in the United Kingdom is apologizing after a homework assignment required students to define several kinds of pornography.The headteacher of Archbishop Sentamu Academy in Hull said he is "sorry" if the homework led some students to research it online and access illicit... Read more