A Case for Being Honest with Your Elders

I snuck into the bright sanctuary of the church and snagged a seat on the back row, taking in the people, the pastor, and the liturgy of the service. I was home for Christmas visiting my parents in South Carolina, knowing that, due to the divorce bearing down on my family, I would be moving... Read more

You Can Be Honest With God About Your Disappointment | RELEVANT Magazine

Disappointment is a harsh word. It speaks of failure, of not measuring up, of frustration. The word sits right down on your soul and utterly deflates it. It can arrive in something as trivial as a hyped-up movie that failed to deliver or feel as severe as a blow to the heart that sends... Read more

Bethel’s Josh Baldwin on Keeping Worship Music as Honest as Possible | RELEVANT Magazine

Josh Baldwin cut his teeth in the Southeast, where he grew up on the traveling band circuit traveling with other artists while slowly building up a small repertoire of his own work. But in 2014, he moved to Redding, California and joined Bethel, becoming a worship leader for one of the most influential worship... Read more

Canine Man, Poop Jokes, and the Energy of an Sincere Story – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] There's a place the place the reply to each knock-knock joke is poop. The place farts are at all times hysterical. The place vomit can actually be a superheros best energy. And the place the strains between good and evil, disgusting and humorous, and absurd and significant are mingled and blurred. It's a place... Read more