4 Humble Things That Arent Actually Humble | RELEVANT

When Ben Franklin turned 20, he wasdetermined to become virtuous. He put togethera list of 12 virtues (frugality, sincerity, justice, etc.),and worked out a system of regularly focusing on one virtue a week while tracking his progress ashe went. He showed his finishedlist of values to a ministerwho pointed out that Franklinwas missing humilitythe queen... Read more

How to Actually Be More Humble | RELEVANT Magazine

Humility is hard. Maybe the single most difficult thing Christ expects of us followers. Thats never been more true than it is now. Pride flourishes these days. We dress it up like its an indispensable accessory to a successful life in the internet age. Ambition, we call it. Or taking a stand. Or perhaps... Read more

Humble Prayers for Healing America

America is hurting. Pandemics, racial inequalities, job loss, and political division have caused great suffering. We are called to be salt and light on the earth. As Christians, we can begin healing our land through prayer and action. Let us come together not just by words but a faith that produces works. The love and... Read more

A Thankful Man Is a Humble Man by Francis Frangipane

If you think you know God but do not live your life in gratitude before Him, it is doubtful that you really knew Him in the first place. A thankful heart honors God. Too often when we say we “know God,” what we actually mean is we know facts about God. But we should ask... Read more

Lamar Jackson on How God Retains Him Humble | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] On Wednesday, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was fielding questions from an adoring crowd of reporters, clearly having fun with the chance to interview one among 2019’s breakout NFL stars. Sizzling on the heels of being chosen for the Professional Bowl, one reporter requested Jackson simply what retains him humble. His reply:... Read more

Dwell in Grace, Stroll in Love: Stop Being Proper. Be Humble. – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] By Bob Goff What does the Lord require of you? To behave justly and to like mercy and to stroll humbly along with your God.MICAH 6:8 Have you ever ever been capable of change someones coronary heart and thoughts with a compelling argument? Yeah, me neither. Im a lawyer. I win arguments for a... Read more