When Dating Becomes an Idol | RELEVANT Magazine

My favorite nickname is JHarmony, an ode to my unrelenting capacity to talk about relationships. Some might call me obsessed. But actually its not dating or being in a relationship that Im obsessed with. Its how we navigate this area of our lives. Whenever Im discipling young leaders or speaking to young adults, its... Read more

Friar Richard Rohr on Why Real Faith Requires Surrendering the ‘Idol of Certainty’ | RELEVANT Magazine

You could be forgiven for thinking Friar Richard Rohr was one of those pop theologians who show up every few years to shake up the conference speaker circuit with some hastily rebranded Christian theology that, once you look close, isn’t all that different than what anyone else is saying. But you’d be wrong. As... Read more

How to Know If Youve Made an Idol of Politics

Have you considered you might have made an idol of politics? Here we go again, I thought. I wasnt surprised by the question. Idol-hunting, after all, is a favorite pastime of my fellow evangelicals. But I was caught off guard by the candidate for the potential idol. Its certainly possible Ive made an idol of... Read more

Watch an American Idol Contestant Lead the Judges in Prayer: Lord, Make My Life Brand New; Right Here, Right Now | RELEVANT Magazine

Watch an American Idol Contestant Lead the Judges in Prayer: Lord, Make My Life Model New; Proper Right here, Proper Now | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] The latest episode of the truth singing competitors American Idol featured an emotional second when a contestant requested to guide the judges in prayer.  [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKnlj2Jz8kQ[/embed] The younger singer, who goes by Simply Sam, bought emotional when opening up about a few of the struggles shes confronted in her private life, and have... Read more

Church Planting and the Idol of Immediacy

Church Planting and the Idol of Immediacy

[ad_1] I feel the besetting sin of pastors, perhaps particularly evangelical pastors, is impatience. Eugene Peterson I've a confession that each my spouse and workers can validate. I like to maneuver quick. I drive, learn, suppose, determine, sort, eat, and stroll rapidly. Woe to those that casually dawdle by airports or have the audacity to... Read more