MPs vote in favour of imposing buffer zones around abortion clinics

Buffer zones, like the one imposed around BPAS Richmond in Twickenham, make it criminal offence to offer help or prayer to women visiting the clinic(Photo: Google Street View)MPs voted on Wednesday to restrict offers of support and help to women outside abortion clinics. Labour MP Dr Rupa Huq's Demonstrations (Abortion Clinics) Ten Minute Rule Bill... Read more

The Actors' Union Is Imposing New, Stricter Guidelines for Onscreen Sex Scenes and Nudity | RELEVANT Magazine

The Actors’ Union Is Imposing New, Stricter Tips for Onscreen Intercourse Scenes and Nudity | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] The talk in regards to the American media’ hypersexualization and attendant objectification tends to give attention to the methods these pictures could also be offensive to viewers. However in Hollywood, an issue has been brewing across the methods actors themselves could be harmed by lax requirements. And a brand new algorithm introduced... Read more