Church of England launches Anti-Racism Taskforce to tackle racial inequality

Following the retirement of the former Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu (pictured), there are not serving diocesan bishops from a UK minority ethnic background (UKME) in the Church of England.Picture By Keith BlundyA new taskforce has been launched to oversee changes aimed at achieving racial equality in the Church of England.  The Anti-Racism Taskforce... Read more

Abortion statistics reveal ‘shocking’ inequality

(Photo: Unsplash/Zack Davidson)New abortion statistics for Scotland have exposed a "saddening" link with levels of deprivation, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) has said.  Figures released this week by Public Health Scotland revealed that 13,583 unborn children were killed by abortion in 2019, the second highest figure since the Abortion Act came into... Read more

VeggieTales creator condemns racial inequality in America in viral video

Phil Vischer said the racial inequality that exists today "didn't just happen"The creator of VeggieTales has gone viral after releasing a video in which he highlights the racial discrimination and social and economic disparity that continues to be experienced by black Americans 150 years after the end of slavery. Phil Vischer, who voices Bob the Tomato... Read more

Thousands Peacefully Protest the Racial Inequality across the United States

Thousands Peacefully Protest the Racial Inequality across the United States As many protests against police killings of black people across the nation erupt into riots and unrest, thousands of other protestors are making peaceful demonstrations.According to the Associated Press, thousands marched peacefully in Phoenix, Albuquerque and other cities in the U.S. Many of... Read more