No One Believes in Social Injustice – Tim Challies

I have been spending a fair bit of time researching the topic of social justicesomething that has probably become obvious to you if youre a regular reader of this site. The more I read, the more I see how much of the battle is not merely one of competing ideologies, but of competing vocabularies. John... Read more

30 Percent of Professed Christians Are Not Motivated to Address Racial Injustice, Barna Group Finds

30 Percent of Professed Christians Are Not Motivated to Address Racial Injustice, Barna Group Finds (RNS) As racial tensions have risen in recent months, a new report reveals that some Christians are becoming less motivated to act on racial justice, and an increasing share say there is definitely not a race problem in the country.Christians... Read more

Kamala Harris: Reproductive Injustice Has Helped Spread Coronavirus

Kamala Harris: Reproductive Injustice Has Helped Spread Coronavirus Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi each mentioned the partys defense of legalized abortion Wednesday during the third night of the all-virtual Democratic National Convention.Harris, who accepted her partys nomination for vice president, referenced abortion when discussing how the coronavirus pandemic... Read more

A Christian’s Response to Racism and Injustice – Encouragement for Today – July 20, 2020

July 20, 2020A Christians Response to Racism and InjusticeJOEL MUDDAMALLE Lee en espaolAnd he said to him, You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your... Read more

Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes on Injustice, ‘The Blessing’ and Their New Album | RELEVANT Magazine

Like most of the world, Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes had most of their 2020 plans put on hiatus by the global pandemic. The famed worship duo have been putting their lockdown time to good use, working on a few renditions of their hugely popular “The Blessing” and planning a live worship album for... Read more

When it comes to fighting injustice, William Wilberforce remains a powerful role model for the Church

William Wilberforce campaigned for more than 20 years to see the abolition of the slave tradeWikipediaI was opening a course for university students and kicked off with this provocative statement: 'We are all racist and prejudiced.'Then I waited in silence, a silence which dragged on for minutes before someone finally felt compelled to respond.That long... Read more

How 5 Pastors are Working on Racial Injustice

When Breonna Taylor was shot by police who burst into her home unannounced in the middle of the night, pastor Deryk Hayes heard the shots. I looked out my bedroom window and saw the police lights and sirens, he said. Hed only been in Louisville a few months, pastoring a largely African American church in... Read more

Lessons from Bonhoeffer: Are You Standing Up to Injustice?

If you ever wonder what you would’ve done had you seen Hitler rise to power, or African American children barred from white schools, Laura Fabrycky reminds us that we’re currently acting in the exact same way we would’ve then. For our time is no less plagued with controversy, injustice, tension, or despair than the times... Read more

Pastor Matt Chandler Slams the Church for Staying Silent on Racial Injustice

Pastor Matt Chandler Slams the Church for Staying Silent on Racial Injustice Texas Pastor Matt Chandler of the Village Church rebuked churches for being silent on matters of race, in a message on Sunday.According to Faithwire, on Sunday, Chandler abruptly stopped his sermon to express his disappointment in the church's overarching response to... Read more

‘Veggie Tales’ Creator Phil Vischer: ‘Racial Injustice Has Benefited Me’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Over at Holy Post,Veggie Talesarchitect Phil Vischer has written an interesting testimony about the ways he’s uncovered white privilege in his life, particularly in the ways it aided the creation of his animation studio Big Idea Entertainment. In detailing his own family history, Vischer does an excellent job of something that can be very... Read more

But I Wasnt There: Lessons on Injustice from King David

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. So much to grieve. Beyond these recent tragedies, there’s an egregiously long history of injustice toward black lives in America. This compounds and layers our sense of grief now. At some point, the discussion is no longer simply about this life, and this life, and this life; to move... Read more

Evaluating the Response of Our Hearts to Racial Injustice

Injustice is the violation of the right or rights of another (Merriam Websters Dictionary). The deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery sparked protests again gun and police violence against the African American community. The cries against injustice have been many and vocal across America. Many Christians remain divided as to when and how to... Read more

How to Respond When Injustice Seems to Prevail

Typically when I preach, I open with some illustration to break the ice. I dont have an icebreaker, but I do have an iceberg. This iceberg is an image that I hope will inform how you pray, how you love other members of your church, and how you seek to promote mercy and justice in... Read more

Understanding & Lamenting Racial Injustice: CAPC Staff Recommendations – Christ and Pop Culture

Our aim at Christ and Pop Culture is to highlight what is good and true and beautiful in pop culture, and point people toward ultimate goodness and wholeness found in Jesus Christ. We do this because so much of whats happening in the world is evil, false, and ugly, so we need to engage with... Read more

Clearing the Temple Courts: What Jesus Did About Systemic Injustice

Were living in some crazy times. In this season of mass protests and even riots over injustice, both in the United States and Lebanon (where I currently live), it seems like there is no better time to sit back and do a brief but serious look at the famous episode of Jesus cleansing of the... Read more

5 Prayers for Justice in the Midst of Injustice

George Floyd, 47, died at a local hospital on Monday [May 25, 2020] after being arrested and pinned to the pavement outside of a convenience store where it was suspected that he used a fake $20 bill, the Star Tribune reports. Floyd was pinned by an officer on the neck for at least six minutes.I cant breathe,... Read more

5 Leaders on How the Church Can Get Involved in the Fight Against Racial Injustice | RELEVANT Magazine

Last year, RELEVANT invited some of our favorite people to contribute to a series of roundtables about the state of justice and faith in the American Church. Unsurprisingly, the conversation regularly turned to racism and how many churches have grappled, for better or worse, with addressing the country’s ongoing legacy of marginalizing, devaluing and... Read more

(In)Justice in America: The Position We Play this Vacation Season | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] It’s the vacation season, had been excited for the whole lot from the traditions effectively participate in, which aspect of the household effectively spend time with, and the fantastic recollections effectively make alongside the way in which. Nonetheless, as households collect collectively and rely their blessings many others will discover the lacking... Read more

Nickel Boys and the Double Victory of Love Over Racial Injustice

[ad_1] Tucked into Pulitzer Prize-winning creator Colson Whiteheads latest novel,Nickel Boys,is a fully Christian understanding of sin. Whitehead creates a fictional but all-too-real world within the Nickel Academy, a reform college for troubled youth in civil-rightsera Florida. He populates the terror-filled setting and diagnoses its illness: You'll be able to change the regulation however you... Read more