Is Jesus Really the Virgin-Born Child in Isaiah 7?

Matthews Gospel was the first Bible book I studied in depth. Its where I learned to understand context, follow cross references, and appreciate biblical theology. I marveled at the way Matthew shows his audience that Jesus is Israels promised Messiah. Roughly 20 times he says something like, This was to fulfill what was spoken through... Read more

A Modern Adaptation of Isaiah 58 for Lent

A Trendy Adaptation of Isaiah 58 for Lent

[ad_1] As St. Oscar Romero declared, “Our Lent should awaken a sense of social justice.” He additionally pressed, “A Church that doesnt provoke any crises, a gospel that doesnt unsettle, a wordofGod that doesnt get under anyones skin, a wordofGod that doesnt touch the real sinofthe society in which it is being proclaimed what Gospel... Read more